More Philadelphia Eagles injury updates bring more bad news

Zach Ertz, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Zach Ertz, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

The Philadelphia Eagles received more bad news following a Week 6 loss.

Here we go again. The day following a Philadelphia Eagles game is one where we honor what has become a sort of time-honored tradition. At times, we celebrate victories. At others, we break down gut-wrenching losses, but every week, ‘Birds’ fans and members of the media can be assured of one thing.

Injuries will, without question, be a part of the discussion.

Add two more starters to a list of Philadelphia Eagles that will miss time.

Forget the fact that Philly’s offensive line only fielded one starter in Week 6 that everyone expected to be a part of one of the most formidable front lines in all of NFL football. Forget the fact that every time Carson Wentz takes yet another shot and gets up, it becomes more difficult to argue that he’s fragile. You can even forget about the fact that several ‘Birds’ limped off of the field in Week 6 versus a game Baltimore Ravens team (if you can).

Once again, Philly will have to go into battle short-handed as, thanks to a report by ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, we now know the extent of the injuries sustained by running back Miles Sanders, tight end Zach Ertz, defensive tackle Malik Jackson, and offensive tackle Jack Driscoll.

Here’s a quote from ‘Mort’ on the statuses of both Miles Sanders and Zach Ertz:

"Eagles expect Miles Sanders to miss Thursday night’s game with (a) knee injury… Zach Ertz (is) also expected (to be) out for three to four weeks with an ankle injury, according to sources."

The skinny on two Eagles trench warriors, Jackson and Driscoll, is this. He says ‘the Eagles are also looking at possible two-week injury absences for (defensive lineman) Malik Jackson and (tackle) Jack Driscoll but guardedly hopeful on getting (a) couple (of) players back for (the) game versus the Giants on (Thursday Night Football)’.

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If he’s right, Philly won’t have a ton of time to get this done. This is a short week, and now, we can say definitively that Carson Wentz and Jason Kelce will be the only two starters on offense that were projected to be starters during the most recent offseason. If anyone has also noticed, a once sturdy Malik Jackson seems to get nicked up a little more frequently.