Philadelphia Eagles: D.K. Metcalf has more hustle than Nickell Robey Coleman

Budda Baker (32), DK Metcalf (14) Mandatory Credit: Rob Schumacher/The Arizona Republic via USA TODAY NETWORK
Budda Baker (32), DK Metcalf (14) Mandatory Credit: Rob Schumacher/The Arizona Republic via USA TODAY NETWORK /

In Week 7, a guy the Philadelphia Eagles ignored was better than one that’s here.

That’s it! If you’re like some of the Philadelphia Eagles‘ fan base, you’re never turning off another NFL game early again. Early on Monday morning, there were a lot of NFL fans that woke up feeling the same way and asking the same question. ‘Wait! The Arizona Cardinals came back and won that game?’.

For the rest of you that stayed up, you can attest to something. Arizona’s come-from-behind overtime victory over the Seattle Seahawks was exhilarating. If you’re an Eagles fan, you may have been watching for another reason. After Philly passed on D.K. Metcalf in 2019’s NFL Draft for JJ Arcega-Whiteside, it has been hard not to watch everything that Metcalf has been doing.

In Week 7, on Sunday Night Football, he had two catches for 23 yards, but no one will remember that. He had an overtime catch and run that should have won the game, but it was called back due to a penalty. No one will remember that either. When you think of D.K. Metcalf and you look back on this one, everyone will do so for one reason.

Did you see the hustle as this guy ran down Budda Baker? If you didn’t, take a look. This clip is courtesy of the NFL’s official YouTube channel.

Again, did you see that hustle? Now, that’s everything that you want to see from a Philadelphia Eagle. Unfortunately, D.K. Metcalf isn’t an Eagle. Unfortunately, Nickell Robey-Coleman still is.

Meanwhile, Philadelphia Eagles fans are stuck with ‘NRC’.

Robey-Coleman’s nickname is the ‘slot god’. These days, it’s hard to understand why that is. Now, if you’re a ‘Birds’ fan, your only memory of him prior to his arrival in Philly might be that pass interference call that, well, wasn’t called versus the New Orleans Saints in the NFC Championship Game in January of 2019. Unfortunately, he isn’t giving anyone in Philly any reason to get excited about his arrival, and here’s nother reason why.

You’ve got D.K.’s effort in your mind now, right? Okay, check out that long run from Daniel Jones versus the Eagles in Week 7 one more time, and watch what ’31’ in the black jersey is doing.

He’s jogging folks. Oh, and that wasn’t all. A few plays later, he’d commit a pass interference penalty that resulted in a first down and led to a Wayne Gallman touchdown plunge. That one put the Giants up on the scoreboard at the time. Despite all of this, Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz keeps sticking him on the field, and Doug Pederson seems to be cool with that.

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There’s nothing like a little hustle to get the team and that team’s fans fired up. Just ask the Seahawks. Unfortunately, as the Philadelphia Eagles head into ‘Dallas Cowboys Week’, it’s hard to ignore that a wide receiver that Philly should have drafted (and didn’t) is more interested in making a tackle than a guy the ‘Birds’ are paying to make tackles. This team can get rid of ‘NRC’ at any time, and most Eagles fans wouldn’t bat an eyelash.