Recent NFL Power Ranking says all Philadelphia Eagles fans need to hear

Philadelphia Eagles Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Philadelphia Eagles Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports /

The Philadelphia Eagles are the NFL’s best bad football team.

That was a lot, so let’s backtrack for a second. Here’s the thing. The Philadelphia Eagles aren’t good at football. No seriously, they’re pretty bad, but despite the fact that they have a sub-.500 win-loss total on the NFL’s ledger (3-4-1), they remain atop the NFC East. If you haven’t looked for yourself, believe the hype on this one. It’s true.

What’s worse is this. As easy as it is to want to point fingers, there are too many areas of concern with this team to just hang any blame on one particular person or position group.

Philly’s head coach, Doug Pederson, needs to give up the playcalling duties on the offensive side of the ball, but he’s stubborn and refuses to do so. The defense falls asleep sometimes. Some of the coaches seem to have checked out. The general manager doesn’t look like he’s completely locked in.

All of that and the fact that the quarterback, Carson Wentz, throws the ball the wrong-colored jersey with the same regularity that he hits his own receivers in the endzone sometimes has to be why a recent power ranking Around the NFL writer Dan Hanzus put together has Philly ranked in the bottom half of the NFL. Heading into Week 10, the Birds are ranked 22nd, and here’s what Hanzus had to say on the subject:

"Last week, Doug Pederson fielded questions as to whether he considered putting Carson Wentz on the bench during Philly’s ugly win over the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. The coach said he had ‘a lot of trust and faith’ in his QB1, which you believe, but you also have to wonder if that trust and faith has been shaken in a way Pederson would have never imagined in August. Wentz has been making punishing mistakes since Week 1, and his turnovers against a terrible Dallas defense made you think maybe Ben DiNucci was somehow playing for both teams. The numbers are grim: Wentz reached the Eagles’ Week 9 bye leading the league in turnovers (16), interceptions (12), and sacks (32). He hasn’t been accurate or explosive. In most years, his play would’ve ruined Philly’s season. Instead, they’re in first place in the NFC East. 2020, man."

Again, the Philadelphia Eagles are the NFL’s best bad football team.

So, here we all are. We’re right back where we started this one. The Eagles aren’t in the elite class. They aren’t even close. That’s a designation that belongs to the Kansas City Chiefs, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and maybe the New Orleans Saints.

Philly isn’t in that second-tier of NFL teams. That’s how one would describe the Green Bay Packers, the Baltimore Ravens, the Buffalo Bills, and maybe the Seattle Seahawks. Heck, the Eagles aren’t even in the Tennessee Titans category or good enough to be mentioned in that third NFL tier.

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No, Philly is hovering around that bottom fourth of NFL franchises. They’re in that Carolina Panthers, Denver Broncos, and Cincinnati Bengals territory. No, they aren’t as bad as those teams, but they aren’t much better either. Philly is the NFL’s best bad football team. Let’s hope that they can turn things around during the second half of the season.