Philadelphia Eagles reacquiring Jordan Howard is a bad idea

Jordan Howard, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Jordan Howard, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

If you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan, you’ve been warned.

Here’s some fair warning. Those of you who always want the Philadelphia Eagles to go back and reacquire guys that used to play for this team won’t like this story. Yes, this is about you fans that believed in adding Darren Sproles in 2019 even though it was clear that 2018 should have been his last season.

This is a reminder that some of you said that Philly should go get LeSean McCoy, and they shouldn’t have. How’s his season going by the way? This is definitely dedicated to those of you that believed in reacquiring Jason Peters when no one else wanted him because you believed that he made this team better. He hasn’t.

This is a special shout out to those of you who didn’t know DeSean Jackson would spend more time on the trainer’s table than on the field. Jordan Howard is a member of the Philadelphia Eagles again, and this goes right up there with some of the worst moves Howie Roseman has made as this team’s general manager.

Yes, we know we gave you guys a couple of reasons why Philly should reacquire him, but after doing some research, the ITI staff apologizes. This is an all-time bad move, and if you’re in favor of this, here’s all that needs to be said. You are no longer allowed to criticize Howie Roseman for anything.

The Philadelphia Eagles are doing their impersonation of a greatest hits CD.

You remember Jordan Howard, don’t you? Philly took a chance on him during the 2019 NFL offseason after the Chicago Bears let him go after a three-year run. He was injured by Week 9, ironically in a game versus Chicago.

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson told us in just about every press conference that he was day-to-day with a ‘stinger’. Well, that day-to-day prognosis kept him out for seven weeks. He returned in Week 17 versus the New York Giants in the regular-season finale. He was in for one snap as a decoy, and now, his most recent stop, a five-game stay with the Miami Dolphins resulted in 33 yards on 28 carries. Why is he back again?

Thanks to a report by Ian Rapoport, we know that Philly intends to add Howard to their practice squad after he clears COVID-19 protocols. So much for coaching Elijah Holyfield up, huh? So much for Howie’s ‘can he run and can he play’ soliloquy, huh? So much for getting younger and faster huh?

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The Eagles are starting to look like one of those old greatest hits CDs. Forget about aggressively pursuing DeAndre Hopkins. Forget about going after someone that can help this team win. This team has learned nothing after watching Jay Ajayi fail and Darren Sproles fail and Corey Clement fail, and frankly guys and gals, it’s pretty doggone depressing. Chalk up another bad move to this Eagles organization. If you disagree with that, don’t worry. You’ll see. History is not on the Eagles side with this one.