10 Philadelphia Eagles who must step up in Week 11 versus Cleveland

Baker Mayfield (l), Kevin Stefanski (r) (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Baker Mayfield (l), Kevin Stefanski (r) (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images) /
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The Philadelphia Eagles offense needs everyone to play their best in Week 11.

Miles Sanders is healthy. So is Lane Johnson, Isaac Seumalo, Dallas Goedert, and a few other guys that this team has been missing. Carson Wentz is often spoken about like he’s better than Baker Mayfield. That needs to be proven in this game.

1. Jason Peters, left tackle

At this point, everyone that believed the Eagles needed Jason Peters should be firm in their stance that they clearly missed the mark on that one. Even without Miles Garrett, this Browns pass rush has to be licking their chops.

2. Any tailback not named Miles Sanders

Corey Clement hasn’t been very effective this season, and honestly, his situation is much like Jason Peters’. Nobody in the Eagles’ organization noticed that no one else wanted this guy? Oh, and to make matters worse, Philly reacquired Jordan Howard. Wow. This Eagles running game is going to be bad now!

Boston Scott needs to show up for someone outside of the New York Giants. Jason Huntley is, well, Jason Huntley. Somebody outside of Miles Sanders needs to show up and contribute with some regularity.

3. Alshon Jeffery, wide receiver

Okay, he’s had about a year off and a test run in Week 10. Alshon Jeffery needs to finally prove that the $10 million-plus that Philly is spending on him wasn’t totally for nothing.

4. Jalen Reagor, wide receiver

Okay, so Jalen Reagor is upset that people keep comparing him to his fellow rookie wide receivers. Jalen Reagor needs to get over it. It’s about time for a breakout game and for him to prove that he was worth the first-round selection that Philly spent on him.

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5. Carson Wentz, quarterback

This one’s self-explanatory. Carson Wentz needs to find a happy medium between the gunslinger that makes us want to pull our hair out and the deer in headlights that Philadelphia Eagles fans saw in Week 10 versus the New York Giants. 11 needs to string together a few wins versus someone than the NFL’s bottom feeders.