5 Philadelphia Eagles legends who probably won’t be on their 2021 roster

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How could you have believed that re-acquiring Jason Peters was a good thing?

The NFL is allowed to use instant replay to reverse bad calls that referees make, so Birds fans and members of the media should be allowed to do the same thing. Let’s take you back to July. Who knows why some of you believed this, but the theory was, after Andre Dillard suffered a season-ending injury, that it was a no-brainer that Philly’s best move would be to bring The Bodyguard back into the nest.

Throw the challenge flag on that one. If you believed that Jason Peters made this team better, why is it then that, in March, following Philly’s original decision to move on from the man that held down the left tackle position in the City of Brotherly Love for over a decade, no one called him? Ooh, is ITI allowed to answer that one?

The answer is a simple one folks. It was obvious that Peters was no longer the Jason Peters that earned seven Pro Bowl nods in an Eagles jersey (and nine total). Philly can’t seem to learn from their mistakes though, and reacquiring The Bodyguard is evidence of that (as if extending Darren Sproles two times too many or kicking the tires on everyone from DeSean Jackson to Vinny Curry to Corey Clement wasn’t enough).

The Eagles used to move on from guys a year too early or right about the time that they were staring at the decline. Now, guys hang around two years too long. Peters’ decline in his play, his high price tag, and the way he handled the coaches asking him to shift from right guard to left tackle left a bad taste in some people’s mouths. That made fans view him in a manner that they never have viewed him in before, with disappointment (or disgust).

As is the case with Jeffery, time will heal that. Peters is one of the best to ever play in an Eagles jersey. There’s just no evidence of that currently. These days, he feels like an annoying relative that’s been hanging out too long after the family gets together. It’s time for the Birds to move on for once and for all. The question is how could they and some of their fans not see this sooner?