5 Philadelphia Eagles who should be benched for 2020’s remainder

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Philadelphia Eagles
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We’ll throw some guys on the bench if the Philadelphia Eagles won’t!

At this point, there’s no need to question your intelligence with things that you already know or further arguments that we’re already sick of hearing. Yes, Jalen Hurts is a stud. It’s highly possible that Philadelphia Eagles executive vice president and general manager Howie Roseman was right for taking this guy and we were wrong for second-guessing the pick. One year hasn’t even passed, and Carson Wentz is on the bench.

Maybe the ‘quarterback factory’ thing was a lie. Maybe the Eagles were backed into a corner and had to pay Wentz but still were uncertain if he was the guy so they took Hurts as insurance. Of course, they didn’t say that. What were they supposed to say? We don’t know if we believe in Carson Wentz or not?

No, there isn’t a fan on this planet that believes Doug Pederson has the power that he claims to have. Playing Wentz for so long may not have been his decision. Then again, it may not have been his decision to bring Hurts off of the bench either. We may never know what truly happened.

All we know is this. It’s hard to know what this team is thinking sometimes. Who knows why Jim Schwartz never figured out that Alex Singleton should have started over Nathan Gerry or why Will Parks is gone. Maybe Gerry had something dirty on Schwartz. Here’s what we can probably agree on though. Carson Wentz can’t be inserted back into the lineup over Hurts or there may be an uprising, but 11 wasn’t this team’s only issue. Here are five of about eight or nine other Birds who should join him on the bench.