Philadelphia Eagles draft buzz: Chatting with Tyree Thompson

Tyree Thompson (Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images)
Tyree Thompson (Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images) /

University of Buffalo linebacker Tyree Thompson is a six-foot-one, 230-pound athlete that could be a real boost to the second level of the Philadelphia Eagles‘ defense. Blessed with the ability to play sideline to sideline, the California native began his collegiate career with the UCLA Bruins in 2018.

Thompson is a true three-down linebacker built for the newer styles of defense. He plays with his hair on fire and loves to come downhill in the running game, He’s also a student of the game who is constantly breaking down plays and processing offenses in the film room.

Thompson has the football IQ that defensive coaches covet and has a real leadership quality to his presence. Always smiling, Thompson serves as a tone-setter for the Buffalo Bull defense, and he would definitely bring that same swagger to the NFL.

Imagining Thompson in the Philadelphia Eagles defense can make one who has seen him play very excited. He can be a real difference-maker for a team in need of help at the linebacker position.

Here’s what Thompson could bring to the Philadelphia Eagles.

We at ITI had the opportunity to speak with this extraordinary young man and pick his brain about what he feels about his leadership skills and what he can bring to a locker room.

"As far as what I bring to my team and my playing style I am the guy that wants to make sure everybody is good to go. I want to be a leader on and off the field and a guy that my team can trust in the biggest moments. I feel like I was made for those moments and I flourish in the hard and thought times, so I know I am built to play in the NFL. I think at the next level I am going to take what I do well and my style and just go all-in."

When asked about his playing style, he lit up. Here’s some of what he had to say on that front.

"My playing style is a hard-nosed athletic linebacker that loves to hit and shut down an offense. I love to dominate the offense and leave them scratching their heads. I want to physically dominate at the next level, and I know that takes a ton of work which I am always willing to do. I know what it takes and the stuff I don’t know, I’ll learn."

This is a man that doesn’t have many weaknesses, but he’s a competitor that’s always looking to improve, even in the areas that can be mentioned as his best assets. Here’s what he had to say about that, in his own words.

"As far as the things I feel like I need to work on? I would say everything really. I mean if you are comfortable with who you are and what you do at this level you aren’t (playing this game correctly). I want to get better at everything I do, even the things I do great now. I want to keep getting better at that. I know, to play in the NFL, I am going to have to get better at everything so that is always the goal. I know I have the right mindset and skills to be a great player. I just need to get it all together on a daily basis. I love this game and I want to play it for as long as I am allowed, so I am grinding on it every single day. I will never let up."

A quote that could interest Eagles fans.

We at ITI wanted another opinion on Thompson so we reached out to a scouting source and asked him how he fits in the Philadelphia Eagles. He asked not to be mentioned but offered the following:

"Tyree Thompson is a guy that does a lot of good things. Nothing that I would say stands out as great, but he can really play this game. Since we are talking Philadelphia Eagles, I will use an Eagles comparison. He reminds me of a quicker Emmanuel Acho. I’m not sure if you remember him playing, but he had a skill set that teams liked. Thompson does a lot of what Acho could do but maybe even better or more refined. He is solid in the run game and never gets lost in the passing game. Also, he will help in all the special teams unit and will be a demon on that. He has a lot of value as a player and I think as he develops will be a guy that plays a role in the NFL."

The Philadelphia Eagles need to boost their defense at all three levels, and Tyree Thompson could be a guy that helps. He is a talented linebacker that can help in all aspects of the defense. He also has the potential to, one day, be a legitimate starter in the NFL. Adding a talent like Thompson to a linebacker room that lacks talent would be a great get for years to come.