Philadelphia Eagles: Proof that Sirianni can fix Wentz or develop Hurts

Nick Sirianni (L), T.Y. Hilton (R), (Imagn Images photo pool)
Nick Sirianni (L), T.Y. Hilton (R), (Imagn Images photo pool) /
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Will Philadelphia Eagles fans see better quarterback play in 2021?

There’s no doubt that Sirianni has a good track record of coaching quarterbacks. As we mentioned earlier, the buzz is that he coaches his players hard and will put his foot down if he has to. It’s been reported more than once that Wentz has a Type A personality and needs to be coached hard. There have been conflicting reports on the situation and we’ll never know the full truth to it. If there is some truth to those reports, promoting Press Taylor, a friend of Wentz, to quarterbacks coach was a terrible idea.

While this can’t be confirmed, it would appear that the Birds have brought in a coach to ‘fix him’.  They’ve hired a guy who ran a very quarterback friendly system and horizontal offense in Indianapolis with Frank Reich. While many speculated that the Colts would be a possible trade destination for Carson, the Philadelphia Eagles are trying to bring the Colts to him. At the end of the day, it does come down to whether or not Wentz is willing to buy in on Sirianni. His NFL career might depend upon it. He should have an opportunity to bounce back in 2021.

Even if the Jalen Hurts’ pick got in Carson’s head, he’s a professional. He needs to go out there and do his job. If anything, competition should’ve motivated him more. While the offensive line played poorly, the wide receivers struggled, and the playcalling was suspect, Wentz also had a lot of his own issues.

At certain points, his mechanics and accuracy were the issues. At other times, he just stared down the first read and never went through the progression. Many times, Wentz displayed bizarre decision-making. The head coach can only do so much to help. A new quarterbacks coach should help, but Wentz needs to get to work with his own quarterbacks coach this offseason if he wants to turn things around.

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Hurts wasn’t great in his last couple of games, but he flashed some potential. He has tools to work with. If Wentz is broken beyond repair and Hurts ends up being the guy, there’s also a good chance he could thrive under Sirianni. We saw Hurts dink and dunk when needed last year and a big part of Sirianni’s scheme is getting the ball to playmakers in space. Hurts’ mobility adds another dimension to the offense as well.

Both quarterbacks should have a chance to succeed under the new head coach. Who stays is up to those guys. We’ll have to wait and see if one or the other or both are still here come the 2021 Philadelphia Eagles season opener.