Philadelphia Eagles NFL Draft prospects: Running back Trey Sermon

Trey Sermon (8) imagin images photo pool
Trey Sermon (8) imagin images photo pool /

The Philadelphia Eagles have had a bounty of issues across their roster over the last couple of years. Luckily, they’re set with one of their running backs, the brilliant Miles Sanders. He needs help though. Even with all of the talent that he brings to the table, Philly needs to add depth behind him.

Gone are the days of the lead back carrying the ball thirty times a game. The new style of offense requires teams have a stable. With that being said Ohio State running back Trey Sermon is definitely a guy that could come in and share the load with Sanders, while also adding his own style of hard-nosed football to the Philadelphia Eagles’ offense.

Here’s a weapon that could help the Philadelphia Eagles’ offense.

Blessed with a nice combination of size and speed (he’s six-foot-one and tips the scales at 215 pounds), Sermon, who began his career with the Oklahoma Sooners, has the ability to take over a game with his speed and knack for trucking defenders. At the end of his collegiate career, he had rushed for a little under 3,000 yards and 29 touchdowns, and what’s most impressive is he did most of that being the second option.

Sermon has been underutilized for most of his collegiate career, but when he has been given the ball, he’s made the most of it and has shown that he’s a complete back. He has the lateral quickness teams covet while also being able to read defenses with a great football IQ.

He’s a patient runner when picking his spots, and he allows his blockers to set up before attacking holes. He’s considered to be one of the better power backs due to his combination of speed and vision.

Here’s something Philadelphia Eagles fans will want to hear.

ITI sat down with a scouting source to ask his opinion of the Ohio State product. While he did not want to be mentioned by his name, he did have this to say:

"Trey Sermon is the kind of guy that you trust when the game is on the line. Really, to me, he can take over a game and punish defenders. He has a real strength in his running style and can physically punish defenders after a while. He isn’t a guy that teams want to tackle in the fourth quarter. Then on the other side of the coin, he has these lateral moves that can shake defenders and he can break a tackle and outrun everybody. He also has great hands for a running back. He can line up on the outside and be a mismatch for a defense."

On the subject of what his transition to the NFL might look like, our source said this.

"He is a guy I could see being the face of an offense, but, also, he could be a great (second option). Like, if he played for the Philadelphia Eagles, he could be a great one-two with Miles Sanders. He is that good to me though he will be a guy that could end up being a top-five back in the NFL. He is a fun one to watch, and I am excited to see what he does at the next level."

The Philadelphia Eagles would boost their offense by adding a guy like Trey Sermon. As the scout said, think about pairing him with Miles Sanders.It makes the mouth water, doesn’t it?

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With the talent and physical tools that he brings to the game, Sermon could be another weapon to take the pressure off of Philly’s quarterback, whoever that might be. When you watch the film on Sermon you see the potential and how he’s capable of taking over big games in big moments. The Eagles front office would be wise to add a talent like that to a stumbling offense.