Philadelphia Eagles draft buzz: An exclusive chat with Joseph Greenwood

Ball State (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images)
Ball State (Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images) /

Whether they want to admit it or not, the Philadelphia Eagles are at the beginning of a very long and tedious process, the rebuild. Needing to find talent across a roster with more than its fair share of holes and question marks, it would behoove the team’s brass to find young talent at every position, be it offensive, defensive, or special teams.

We at ITI have touched on many prospects from wideouts to defensive backs in an attempt to find talent that could help the Philadelphia Eagles get back to being a championship-caliber franchise. This time, we ran across a young man who may not play a glory position but still fits the mold of what being an Eagle should be, Ball State long-snapper Joseph Greenwood. He’s a five-foot-eleven, two-hundred-fifteen pound athlete with a golden touch.

The Philadelphia Eagles need upgrades on special teams, and Joseph Greenwood can help.

Of all the issues that have derailed the Philadelphia Eagles, special teams has been one of the less-discussed, but it’s a problem nonetheless. From field-goal kicking to the punt-return game to long-snapping, the Eagles have been below standard across the board, so adding a prospect with Greenwood’s ability can only help.

He’s built like an outside linebacker and has sneaky athletic ability. This 22-year-old is both fast and has swagger. His snaps are a thing of beauty, never too high or too low, and that’s something that you can take to the bank. Special teams are such a huge part of a team’s success, so when you have a guy with a quarterback mentality it’s a win for both the player and team.

Greenwood tells ITI how he can help the Philadelphia Eagles’ special-teams unit.

We at ITI sat down with the Ball State product and asked him what he brings to an NFL locker room, as well as what it is like having to long-snap in the biggest moments. This is what he had to say:

"As far as what I will bring to an NFL locker room, it will be the same as what I have always done really. I am a guy that is a team-first guy. I want the team to be successful, and I do whatever it takes to make sure I do my part in all of that. The thing is I think a lot of people forget how important a long-snapper is (and) really, how important special teams are. I am always working and training to be the best version of myself. I understand that a bad snap will lead to a bad play, a missed field goal, or a botched punt, and that swings momentum back to the other guys."

“I want to be the guy known for being the hardest worker”. Those were words Greenwood shared as he continued with his thoughts on what it is like long-snapping in the big moments of a game.

"You know I have always had that mentality that I want to have the ball in my hands when the big moments are here, or a big play needs to happen. I was a quarterback (for) most of my life, so I understand what it is like to deal with big moments. I want to be the guy that is known as the calm one in these moments when we have to kick a game-winner or whatever it is I want the ball in my hands. I honestly never too high or low, I am just in the moment and ready to go."

The Philadelphia Eagles need to start over from top to bottom, meaning they need to find some young talent to add to this roster. Adding a prospect like Joseph Greenwood would be a great start to boost the special teams, with his steady hand, calm demeanor, and football IQ.

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His addition can only help. While long-snapper is not considered one of the sexier positions it is one of the most important in the football world. You never mention them for doing their jobs correctly, but if they make a mistake, the world knows about it immediately.  Philly wouldn’t have anything to worry about with Greenwood on the roster.