Philadelphia Eagles roundup: Interesting statements from Shady, Jalen Mills

Jalen Mills, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Jalen Mills, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Did you ever think when LeSean McCoy left the Philadelphia Eagles that he might wind up with more Super Bowl rings than the team that drafted him 53rd-overall in 2009’s NFL Draft? Well, that’s exactly the situation that ‘Shady’ is in.

After reuniting with Andy Reid in 2019 and being deactivated before having a chance to play in football’s biggest game, Big Red and company won Super Bowl LIV in dramatic fashion anyway, giving McCoy his first Super Bowl ring.

Now, as a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he has a chance to win his second in as many seasons, but even though Philly is in the rearview mirror of what turned out to be a 12-year career and counting, McCoy still gets asked about the Birds.

Recently, he shared his thoughts with Daniel Gallen of Penn Live on Philly’s new star at tailback, Miles Sanders.

"I think he’ll be the next franchise back for the Eagles. I really do. I think Miles is really, really good… People try to compare us. I think we’re a lot different. He’s a lot faster than I was, I think, when I watch him play. I think he’s a lot faster than I was at my top speed. I think he has a nice size. I think he’s bigger than people give him credit for. He runs a lot tougher than people give him credit for."

Good stuff from the Eagles’ all-time leading rusher there. Good luck on Super Bowl Sunday Shady!

Oh, and here’s one more thing for you Philadelphia Eagles fans out there.

In the days leading up to Super Bowl LV, the Green Goblin aka Jalen Mills took an opportunity to hang out with Tommy Tran, Pete Prisco, and Bryant McFadden of CBS Sports HQ. As you might imagine, his quarterback and former coach were brought into the conversation, but Mills’ remarks about their relationship might surprise you.

"It was weird. We’re used to winning, and our season didn’t go the way that we expected… As a player being inside the locker room and seeing the coaches and players every day, you hear the media and different things as far as Carson (Wentz) and Doug (Pederson) not getting along, but I didn’t see that. I saw guys coming to work every day (and) putting their hard hats on regardless of what happened the Sunday before. Our mindset always stayed the same. We were going to play one week at a time… Our record didn’t show that, but we were coming to work each and every day."

Perhaps that will make some of you feel a little better about the drama. Sure, there’s always the chance that Mills is downplaying a few things (clearly something was going on), but it’s nice to hear that things may not have been as venomous as some of the pictures we’ve been painted as fans and members of the media.

As most of you know, Mills signed a one-year deal last March, so his future with the Philadelphia Eagles is uncertain, but it appears that he wants to stay home. Here’s some of what he said on that subject.

"I’m the Green Goblin! I dyed my hair my rookie year going into training camp. I dyed it green, just for the simple fact that the Eagles took a chance on me in the seventh round. I wanted to show my love for the city… My first day after I got drafted, I came to Philadelphia (and) I literally had a fan at a Philly Cheesesteak spot tell me ‘If I was to get cut right now, I would bleed green’. When you (have fans that are) that passionate, why(would you)  not want to play for them? Why not want to play for the organization that I won the Super Bowl with? I love it in Philadelphia."

Well, what else needs to be said after that, other than it sure is a lot of Jalens on this team, isn’t it? Sorry, who knows where that came from, but anyway, another day passes, and there are questions about Carson Wentz, Jalen Hurts, the new coaching regime, and, yes, even Jalen Mills.

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Buckle up Birds fans. There may not be an NFL Combine in Indianapolis at the end of February, but don’t stress. The Philadelphia Eagles’ fan base is going to have a lot to talk about between now and the end of April. We’re in no danger of running out of talking points.