5 Philadelphia Eagles that can’t leave this team fast enough

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. Nickell Robey-Coleman. 31. player. 54. .

NRC doesn’t deserve to wear the Philadelphia Eagles’ jersey.

There’s no nice way to say this. It’s probably a little farfetched to state that Nickell Robey-Coleman didn’t do anything in an Eagles jersey, but here’s why that doesn’t matter. Can you think of five to ten plays from 2020 where ‘The slot god’ was a difference-maker or the reason why the opposing offense failed in attacking Philly’s defense?

Oh, you can’t? How about this? Can you think of five to ten plays where NRC let his team down? Do you see how much easier it is to do that at least?

There are tons of agonizing moments from what should be a one-and-done run with Robey-Coleman. Here’s one if you need an example.

Does anyone remember that long run by Daniel Jones at Lincoln Financial Field? Sure, he’s been picked on a lot for the tumble, but the next time you give that one a look, just watch the effort (or lack thereof from NRC. It will make you sick to your collective stomachs.

Ever since that day, much of the ITI staff lost respect for him, and honestly, we haven’t been able to forgive him ever since, especially when all he did was compound things with bad decisions and bad play. We can forgive someone for being less-talented. What we can’t forgive someone for refusing to try.

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Guys like Zach Ertz, Rodney McLeod, Jason Kelce, DeSean Jackson, Alshon Jeffery, and Jalen Mills may have all played their final games in Eagles jerseys, but they’ve earned their place in this franchise. They’ll be Eagles forever. NRC hasn’t done that. He was never the ‘slot god’. He was never an Eagle, and frankly, if we’re being honest, he can’t leave town fast enough.