Philadelphia Eagles: 3 Potential trade partners, scenarios to ponder

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Here’s one that sets the Philadelphia Eagles up in 2021 and 2022.

What if the Philadelphia Eagles traded out of the top ten? Might that land them even more draft capital? Teams like the San Francisco 49ers, who might be eyeing signal-callers, are also picking closer to the midpoint of Round 1, so imagine what they would be willing to give up for an opportunity to pick at number six.

General managers and head coaches’ careers are based on whether or not they can win. Having the right signal-caller improves the chances of doing so. Teams that don’t have one find the task to be difficult. With that being said, what if the Niners were willing to bet the farm for whatever prospect that is available at six? Might they throw in a few more picks to sweeten the deal?

Here, Philadelphia gives away the sixth pick and the 233rd pick. The Niners are given the opportunity to get their franchise guy but also give away the 12th pick, the 44th pick, the 102nd, the 117th, the 157th, the 173rd, the 198th, and a third-round pick in 2022’s NFL Draft.

Sure, that seems excessive, but as previously stated, desperate teams will do whatever it takes to land the quarterback they are in love with. Philly would be wise to entertain any of these trade scenarios. They all could help them find the answers to all the roster issues they’re plagued with.