3 more defensive back prospects Philadelphia Eagles need to consider

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. . . Asante Samuel Jr, Florida State. . player. 804

A familiar name that could change the Philadelphia Eagles’ fortunes.

Florida State cornerback Asante Samuel Jr could be the same playmaking machine his father once was for the Philadelphia Eagles defense. Like his father, the five-foot-ten, 185-pound prospect is a true ballhawk and a player that can give an offense headaches throughout an entire game.

Samuel is is a true terror on the outside and a cornerback that opposing quarterbacks try their best not to target (if they can help it). Capable of playing in both man and zone coverage, Samuel flourishes in whatever role that he’s asked to carry, and he’s a big play waiting to happen.

Samuel has a high football IQ and never seems to chase the ‘rat poison’ while in coverage or when he’s diagnosing a running play. He’s on the smaller side, but he has a nastiness to his playing style. He loves sticking his head in and never shies away from contact.

The Philadelphia Eagles need to add a talent like Samuels if they are ever going to truly compete in the NFC regularly.