Philadelphia Eagles: 3 Factors jeopardizing Carson Wentz’s trade value

Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images) /
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Philadelphia Eagles
Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles (Imagn Images photo pool) /

The Philadelphia Eagles have no leverage, and Wentz isn’t done pouting.

Carson Wentz’s best season in the NFL came in 2017. That was three seasons, an MCL and ACL tear, and one broken back ago. Carson Wentz isn’t this crown jewel that he’s made out to be by the Carson Wentz apologists. He can’t say where he wants to be traded and expect to get everything he wants.

No, that isn’t correct. This is Carson Wentz. Of course he thinks he deserves and will get everything he wants. Why would he think otherwise? It’s always been that way for him.

Statistically, in 2020, he was one of the worst quarterbacks in the game. He’s shown a lack of mental toughness. He’s spoiled, and now, he’s pouting and refusing to answer the phone when Howie Roseman calls.

Sure, he thinks he’s proving a point, but it might not be the point that he wants to prove. Whether he realizes this or not, that’s actually doing him more harm than good. Howie can’t negotiate properly, especially when he can’t talk to his quarterback, the rest of the NFL and future teammates are watching how this guy handles everything, and no one knows what’s on Mr. Wentz’s mind except for Mr, Wentz and his inner circle, some of which he’s getting some very bad advice from.

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This isn’t a good look, and from the looks of things, 11 isn’t quite done with his mini-temper tantrum. What makes any of you believe that a guy like that is someone teams are going to rush to get in their locker room, pay an immense salary to and lump the hopes of their organization and fan base on. Carson Wentz needs to think about that.