Philadelphia Eagles: 3 Realistic expectations for Jalen Reagor in Year 2

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Jalen Reagor, Philadelphia Eagles

Jalen Reagor, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Surprise, surprise. We’re talking about the Philadelphia Eagles’ wide receivers.

It’s sort of a tradition if you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan, though not one that we enjoy celebrating. Every doggone year, we’re talking about the same things. It doesn’t matter who they draft, trade for, extend or acquire at the position. The Birds always seem to screw the wide receiver position up, and every year, fans and the media are always talking about how they’ll need to add one in the upcoming NFL Draft.

2021’s offseason is no different. This team got nothing out of JJ Arcega-Whiteside (again), and this lands on this team’s timeline right around the part that reads Shelton Gibson and Mack Hollins hung around too long, DeSean Jackson and Alshon Jeffery both got an extended stay that didn’t amount to much, and Philly took three wide receivers in the 2020 NFL Draft and traded for another on the selection meeting’s third day. Yet, here we are. This organization can’t get the wide receiver position right.

Here’s a silver lining for that dark cloud. Jalen Reagor will have a bounce-back year in 2021 (we hope). 18 was the first of those three Eagles draftees in 2020. His first year left a little to be desired, but it’s safe to say he’ll get better.

Hang out with us if you have a moment Eagles fans! Here are three legitimate expectations for MR. Reagor in Year 2. Hopefully, this puts a smile on that face.

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