3 Silver linings for those dark Philadelphia Eagles clouds

Philadelphia Eagles fans (Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports)
Philadelphia Eagles fans (Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports) /
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The Philadelphia Eagles have a great opportunity in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Ask just about any Philadelphia Eagles fan, and they will tell you they almost expect Howie Roseman to screw up the draft.

We have all heard the storylines about Roseman picking one prospect when they had a chance to land another. We’ve seen his failures at evaluating both the wide receiver and cornerback position. Here’s the thing though. the same thing can be said about almost every general manager.

Every team screws up with their analysis sometimes. Every team misses on draft choices.

Here’s some really good news, however. The 2021 NFL Draft could be one of the deepest, talent-wise, that we’ve seen in a while. What’s even better is the Philadelphia Eagles’ biggest issues, wideout, and cornerback could be the deepest positions in this year’s class.

The Philadelphia Eagles pick sixth in Round 1, and the last two times they drafted in the top ten they hit on Carson Wentz and Lane Johnson. While you could argue the front office has been bad in the first round, you can’t say they haven’t been amazing in the top ten.

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Philly needs to add more draft capital. They currently only have seven picks, which could swell to ten if they’re awarded compensatory capital. With this deep pool of talent, they could be afforded the opportunity to turn things around quickly in 2021 with a fresh start.