6 Philadelphia Eagles who may leave town like Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
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. . . Jalen Mills. 21. player. 54

Jalen Mills’ place in the heart of Philadelphia Eagles fans is secure.

Nobody remembers this now, but once upon a time, the dreaded ‘character concerns’ label was one that was used in conjunction with Jalen Mills‘ name. Seen as a potential difference-maker at the defensive back position in 2016’s NFL Draft, some scouts had given him second-round grades, but the mystery of what teams might get by selecting him led to a freefall in the draft and Philly’s decision to take a flier on him in Round 7.

Philadelphia Eagles fans have watched this young man play for five seasons now, and here’s the verdict. The Green Goblin is one of those things that Eagles executive vice president and general manager Howie Roseman actually got right.

Looking back, he probably wasn’t the guy to take over for Malcolm Jenkins. Sure, he got beaten by the double-move more often than he should have. There were even times when he’d display that swagger or wag the finger when he did absolutely nothing to force that incomplete pass, but Jalen Mills did what Carson Wentz was never able to do, fit in.

He always gave his team 100 percent. Guys played harder when he played with them, and we’re sure that whoever said his character needed to be questioned is a bad judge of character themselves. This team needs more guys with Mills’ attitude. The question is whether or not Philly will bring him back now that his contract is expired. No one would be surprised either way.