Stacking Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts against 2021’s best prospects

Trevor Lawrence (from left), Justin Fields, Zach Wilson, (USA TODAY Sports Image Pool)Nflqbdraft
Trevor Lawrence (from left), Justin Fields, Zach Wilson, (USA TODAY Sports Image Pool)Nflqbdraft /
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The Philadelphia Eagles will not be selecting Trevor Lawrence, barring a shock.

Quarterback Trevor Lawrence is undoubtedly the top prospect within a league of his own, but the Philadelphia Eagles have no realistic chance at landing the likes of the Clemson product.

Lawrence is already a polished prospect with the poise, leadership ability, and talent it takes to lead an NFL franchise. Lawrence has the live arm, mobility, and athleticism to fit seamlessly and thrive within any offensive scheme.

He is not perfect as he tends to lock onto his first receiving option, but that can be coached out of him should he receive the high level of coaching he deserves.

The Philadelphia Eagles would drool over themselves if they had a realistic chance to draft Lawrence, but it will take a monumental shift to somehow move Jacksonville out of that top spot.

In conclusion, there is one prospect and one prospect only the Eagles could realistically replace Jalen Hurts with and that is Justin Fields. To throw away Hurts’ rapport with the Eagles locker room after just one season would be maniacal and the franchise would have to be 100 percent sold on Fields’ ability. To do it for Trey Lance, Zach Wilson, or god forbid someone else would be insanely ludicrous.

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There might be doubt within the organization concerning Hurts’ long-term ceiling, but it would be a tall task to justify quitting on him after a mere four starts. Nobody knows what to expect from the now tumultuous Philadelphia Eagles, but keep in mind that anything and everything is possible with this franchise.