7 Philadelphia Eagles NFL Draft targets from Florida not named Kyle Pitts

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Let’s talk about the Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback factory.

Even though Howie Roseman can, at times, cause a sick feeling in someone’s stomach, there are times when he can say something that we all can agree with. One of those things is this. That ‘quarterback factory’ thing got old quickly, didn’t it?

Like Howie, our staff is also sick of the term. Our reasons are different, but we’re tired of hearing it. The unfortunate thing is this. Philly may need to crank the factory back up one more time for 2021’s draft. They need bodies at the quarterback position.

Maybe you disagree, and that’s fine. Our staff can’t agree on what Kyle Trask is though. Might he be a second-round guy? Is he a third-rounder? Either way, the Birds need a backup quarterback, and if that Nick Foles reunion doesn’t come to pass, drafting a guy in the middle or late rounds might be wise.

Trask may not be someone the Eagles get a shot at once the draft gets underway. Then again, he may not be someone they’re even eyeing. No one should blame them if they’re interested though.