Philadelphia Eagles draft watch: Dissecting D’Anfernee McGriff

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The key to finding true value in any NFL Draft is finding guys who display versatility. Teams want to identify prospects who can wear multiple hats at the next level. When looking at offensive versatility, the argument can be made that no one in this year’s draft brings more to the table than Florida Atlantic University weapon D’Anfernee McGriff, a true talent who could be a real boost to the Philadelphia Eagles offense.

Standing at just a shade under six-foot-two and 220 pounds, the former Under Armor All-American has great size for a guy that moves as well as he does. Whether you need him to play receiver, tight end, halfback, or fullback, McGriff has the tools and football intelligence that make him a true gem in the 2021 NFL Draft.

The Philadelphia Eagles front office has a great opportunity in front of them.

The Philadelphia Eagles leading man Howie Roseman has done a great job wheeling and dealing, and that’s led to the team acquiring 11 draft picks. Hopefully, that pays off in a draft stacked with talented prospects.

From top to bottom, the 2021 class has a multitude of players that could potentially be game-changers for the Birds, and the argument can be made that none are as interesting and potentially dominant as the Florida product.

The offensive swiss-army knife could be an excellent addition to the Philadelphia Eagles offense. He’s capable of affecting both the passing and running game. McGriff could be the leading wideout one week, the perfect change of pace back the next week, and a special teams leader on every weekend. Needless to say, he’s a match-up issue.

Here’s a quote from a scouting source that should interest Philadelphia Eagles fans.

We at ITI had the opportunity to speak with a scouting source and ask him his thoughts on the FAU prospect. While he did not want to be named, he did have this to say:

"You know, sometimes guys don’t have the careers you expect them to have. In McGriff’s case, he was a victim of weird circumstances, but I will say he has a lot of tread on the tire and the talent to be a real star in the NFL. He’s the kind of player you have to put on your team and figure out how to use him. He can truly play at a high level and do it all over the field, (while) doing all sorts of things. He is just a football player, a real-deal football player."

It’s hard to deny any of that. D’Anfernee McGriff has all talent to be a real powerhouse in the league.

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If the Philadelphia Eagles have the opportunity to add him to their roster they need to pull the trigger. Placing him around second-year signal-caller Jalen Hurts could be the investment needed to help the offense become more efficient moving forward.