Philadelphia Eagles: Nick Sirianni earns low marks in rookie HC ranking

Nick Sirianni (Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports)
Nick Sirianni (Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports) /

Tell the truth. As a Philadelphia Eagles fan, you’re starting to like this Nick Sirianni fella, aren’t you? Sure, he’s a little high-strung, but that’s okay. When was the last time that you were certain that you had a cohesive coaching staff that cared?

Now, what you’re thinking is obvious. It’s going to take more than a few games of horse and rock paper scissors to turn this team into a winner. Nobody’s saying that Sirianni can’t do the job. Well, actually, they are. Maybe that should read that everyone isn’t on that boat. Still, regardless of what side of the fence you sit on, people are worried. Part of that sentiment is why Coach received a less than favorable showing in a recent ranking of NFL head coaches.

The Philadelphia Eagles head coach is given a subpar grade by

Yes, you read that correctly. This isn’t a fire drill. Connor Orr stacked NFL head coaches recently in a power ranking, but this one wasn’t your usual this guy is better than that guy approach.

Orr breaks his list into two categories, veterans and first-timers. The vets are stacked based on past success and what their potential is for future shine. For the rooks, the strength of their supporting coaching staff is taken into consideration, as are their chances of making the postseason.

Sirianni lands fifth among the seven guys mentioned, and here’s what Orr had to say on that subject.

"Sirianni is in a difficult spot. Despite what it looks like from the outside, the Eagles want Jalen Hurts to succeed and there is pressure on Sirianni to make that happen. With a decaying veteran base and a messy divorce from Doug Pederson causing some wounds to linger, this was the kind of job for a second-time head coach more used to the game’s political side. If Sirianni can handle the noise and survive into year three, after the Eagles will have spent all of their massive 2022 draft capital (including, as of now, four picks in the top 40), he might be in calmer waters."

Okay, so maybe that isn’t totally off base. You have to see where Orr is coming from on this one, even if it feels like the general consensus is Birds fans would like to hear something else.

Just in case you’re wondering, Nick’s Eagles are given a ten-percent chance of making the postseason, and he finishes behind Brandon Staley (L.A. Chargers), Robert Saleh (NY Jets), Arthur Smith (Atlanta Falcons), and Urban Meyer (Jacksonville Jaguars) while being ranked just ahead of Dan Campbell (Detroit Lions) and David Culley (Houston Texans).

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Naturally, the hope is that Nick Sirianni and this Philadelphia Eagles team can prove some of the doubters wrong. Sure, we’ll have to wait and see if happens, but for now, this is about as fair a statement about his chances as you can ask for, aside from the fact that, in the NFC East, his chances of making the playoffs might be slightly higher than ten percent.