Philadelphia Eagles preparing K’Von Wallace for a larger role in 2021

K'Von Wallace #42, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
K'Von Wallace #42, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

The Philadelphia Eagles are really excited about the 2021 NFL Draft class that they’ve brought in, and for good reason. They’ve landed some potential stars, and even though there’s no way to make any real determinations about how good everyone will wind up being while we’re still marching through the Summer, two things are certain.

One, if Philly is going to be a good football team going forward, then, yes, this 2021 draft class will need to be a big part of making that happen. The second thing is this. Guys like K’Von Wallace and the guys from the 2020 class (Davion Taylor, Shaun Bradley, Jalen Reagor, Jalen Hurts, etc.) are going to have to step up as well.

Think about it this way. The only remaining member of the eight-man draft class the Eagles landed in 2017 is Derek Barnett. He may not even be here next season. Things like that can’t continue if Philly wants to build a consistent winner.

K’Von Wallace is ready to take the next step for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Don’t get bummed out if you’re an Eagles fan. This is all going to work out. As 2021’s version of training camp rolls on, there are reasons to get excited. That 2020 class may turn out to be pretty special after all.

Jalen Reagor is making highlight-reel catches in practice, and the second-year guys are getting noticed. Take the aforementioned K’Von Wallace for instance. He isn’t making any huge splash plays, but he isn’t getting embarrassed like Andre Dillard either. About a week ago, he spoke with the Philly media and discussed his expectations for year two, but it’s two statements he made that really stand out.

Here’s one of which:

"They just put me in position to be myself and make plays, whether it’s closer to the ball, whether it’s deep, just helping me build my confidence by just communicating with me, making sure I know what to do when to do it and knowing what landmarks I need to make, and just no more rookie mistakes. Making sure I don’t make the same mistakes as last year and just improve from there."

Here’s another:

"There are a lot of things that last year has taught me, but I’m grateful for it. I feel like it humbled me. I feel like it put me in a better position to explode. It was like a slingshot effect. I feel like sometimes God pulls you back so you can explode, just like a slingshot. So I feel like (in) year two, I’m going to be a star in the making for sure."

There’s no reason not to agree with that. At Clemson, with the Tigers, Wallace played at the line of scrimmage. He played deep. He played the slot corner role from time to time. Expect to see him doing some special things with this Philadelphia Eagles team.

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This new coaching staff, one that’s led by Nick Sirianni and features a new defensive coordinator in Jonathan Gannon, has been praised for their ability to teach. Expect these young minds to find creative ways to showcase Wallace’s talent (and the talent of both the 2020 and 2021 draft classes as well).

There’s no reason not to believe that a lot of these guys, Wallace included, won’t make tremendous strides as rookies and, in some cases, during their sophomore seasons in the NFL. There are reasons to be pumped if you’re a Philadelphia Eagles fan.