Young Philadelphia Eagles fan receives double bird from Eli Manning

Eli Manning #10, New York Giants (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)
Eli Manning #10, New York Giants (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images) /

Though Dallas Cowboys Week didn’t end with the result that Philadelphia Eagles fans wanted, one thing should have been made clear after a long week ended with a game that felt like it was even longer. That angst that exists between the Birds and America’s Team isn’t anywhere close to ending.

On the Tuesday morning that followed, every Eagles fan woke up to a crushing moment of clarity. The Cowboys really are better than the Eagles are, and while some of you were already convinced of that, it doesn’t make the result, a 41-21 drubbing, any less painful.

For now, Philadelphia’s fans will have to hang their hats on the fact that, at some point, the Eagles will be better again, and there has to be some satisfaction in knowing that they also probably aren’t as bad as the Washington Football Team and the New York Giants, two other teams that they hate.

Eli Manning apparently hasn’t put his issues with the Philadelphia Eagles to bed.

If you were one of those Eagles fans that rode Monday’s annihilation to its conclusion, there was a chance that you flipped over to ESPN’s alternate coverage of the game. You know, the one Peyton and Eli Manning host.

Now, if you’re like most Eagles fans, you still haven’t forgiven Eli for his transgressions of wearing that New York Giants jersey for 16 years, so you’re unable to watch. No one would blame you for that, but for a nine-year-old Birds fan, one who wasn’t even alive for most of Eli’s era, the opportunity to ridicule a Giant was too good to pass up.

He took some time to berate Manning for a while, and the man who was formerly known as ‘Peyton’s little brother’ responded with a double bird salute. Take a look.

Old habits die hard huh? He’d eventually apologize for his actions though while former Eagle Chris Long shared a laugh with two members of one of football’s first families.

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What else can be said after that? Again, old habits die hard, and for a fan base as passionate as Philly’s, that’s completely understandable. Philly meets the hated Giants on November 28th and December 26th. They’ll line up versus Washington on December 19th and January 2nd. Their rematch with Dallas comes in the season finale on January 9th.