Eagles unfortunately need the Dallas Cowboys to win three straight

Dak Prescott #4, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)
Dak Prescott #4, Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images) /

Who would have thunk? The hunt for an NFL postseason berth can, sometimes, create strange bedfellows. The Philadelphia Eagles have had this weird narrative that has followed them all season, and it’s materialized again as of late. The Birds might actually have a shot at the postseason, but in order to get there, they may need the alley-oop pass from one of the teams that they hate the most… the Dallas Cowboys.

Okay, so here’s what happened. With so many difficult games on the schedule early (the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Kansas City Chiefs for instance), there was a conversation that was going on behind the scenes among Eagles fans and members of the media, even if there was some back-and-forth about the statement’s validity.

Though no NFL team can take any game for granted (just look at Philly’s Week 12 loss to the New York Giants if you need any evidence), it was hard not to believe that the games on the back half of their schedule were, shall we say, ‘easier wins’.

If the Eagles could weather an early storm caused by superior competition, they could possibly make a postseason push late. There were times in which it looked like we were looking at a team that could pick in the top 15 of the NFL Draft again, but here we are. Philly is a game below .500 at 6-7 with a realistic shot at a postseason berth.

Heading into Week 14, they’re currently in the hunt and trailing the 49ers for the last playoff spot, but a late winning streak could assist in putting them over the hump, but there’s just one minor detail that we neglected to bring up. They need Washington’s surge, one that’s resulted in a four-game winning streak, to end, and how ironic is it that it’s another rival that will have to assist in making that happen?

The Eagles need the Cowboys to beat Washington and New York.

Philadelphia closes the 2021-2022 regular season with two games versus the Washington Football Team in Week 15 and Week 17, a home rematch in Week 16 versus the Giants, and the season finale in Week 18 versus the Cowboys. Depending on where Dallas is, they could be resting their starters for the postseason.

Philly can’t look that far ahead though. They have to take care of their own business and win out. They have to topple Washington themselves, and of course, they also need some help. A few losses by the 49ers would do the trick. So would a three-game winning streak by the Cowboys from Week 14 to Week 16. Wait! Did we just say that?

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The Cowboys play divisional rivals (Washington in Week 14 and Week 16 and New York in Week 15). Washington sits at 6-6 (a game ahead of Philly). New York sits at 4-8. The Birds did themselves a huge disservice in Week 12 by dropping that game at MetLife Stadium to Big Blue but all hope is not lost.

Two losses by Washington to Dallas and losses by the Football Team to Philadelphia could right this ship. The NFL’s postseason creates strange bedfellows indeed, and as the NFL Playoffs loom, the Eagles won’t just be focused on Jalen Hurts and that injured ankle. They’re going to have one eye on what’s going on with those interdivisional contests as well. You can take that to the bank.