Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni provides update on Brandon Brooks

Brandon Brooks, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)
Brandon Brooks, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports) /

Even if you’ve never been to a Philadelphia Eagles press conference or streamed one via Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook, you could probably guess what the first question was when Nick Sirianni sat with members of the media on the Wednesday leading up to Week 15’s game, a huge matchup versus the Washington Football Team.

Less than five seconds in, Brandon Brooks‘ name came up. Everyone’s had one eye on him as Philadelphia navigates its way through a playoff chase.

The answer wasn’t surprising at all.

"There’s no change right there. He’s continuing to progress, and if his status changes, I’ll let you guys know."

Some have held out hope, but as of right now, a return on Sunday is unlikely. As you’d expect, that was the most straightforward answer that we got about Philly’s injuries.

Brandon Brooks remains a question mark, as is the Eagles’ quarterback.

In terms of Jalen Hurts‘ ankle, here’s what we knew ahead of Wednesday. The Eagles thought, throughout the week leading up to Week 15’s game, that, despite the fact that he was a question mark, he’d be ready to go versus the New York Jets. Obviously, he wasn’t.

Gardner Minshew filled in, admirably we might add, and now here we are. Week 13 led into a much-needed week off that now brings us to the first of Philly’s final four games of what’s been a stressful season for everyone.

Coach Sirianni spoke about Hurts too, as well as Miles Sanders and Jordan Howard. He was expectedly vague in his answers about each one’s diagnosis.

"All (are) trending upwards, and we’ll see how the week continues to go. Again, (I’m) not going to make any (statements). We’re hopeful for all of those guys. We’ll see how the week goes as today’s a walkthrough like it has been every other Wednesday. We’re kind of settling into this schedule. We’ll probably have more (on everyone’s status) definitely on Friday."

So, we wait. Hurts continues to allow time to heal the most talked-about ankle in the City of Brotherly Love. He and Gardner Minshew will share reps during the walkthrough, but here’s something else to consider.

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It may be time to ask if Week 2 doubled as the last time we’ll see Brandon Brooks in an Eagles jersey. His new deal, one that’s too long and pays him too much money, says he’ll be an unrestricted free agent in 2025, but it’s clear that he can’t play that long.

The Eagles could dangle him as trade bait next offseason, but they may only see takers if he’s able to return this season, remain uninjured, and prove that he can still play at a high level. With all due respect, because he’s earned it, from the outside looking in, it feels like his best days are behind him.