Eagles won’t land Aaron Rodgers but Jordan Love might be available

Jordan Love, Green Bay Packers (Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports)
Jordan Love, Green Bay Packers (Mandatory Credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports) /

By now, every Philadelphia Eagles fan is privy to the information that Aaron Rodgers is staying with the Green Bay Packers now, and that’s a damper on the day for some (even though the possibility of him winding up in the City of Brotherly Love was minimal).  Here are a few things to consider though.

One, it’s funny that a man can go from mulling over retirement to a new four-year commitment. Second, by the time we reach year four of Roodgers’ massive contract, we could be talking about what? $60 million in dead money?

We don’t have the numbers in front of us. At the time of this story being published, the ink isn’t even dry on Rodgers’ deal yet, so we’re just throwing ideas out there. The imagination and thoughts are running wild though.

Here’s something else for fodder, and this is a big one. Won’t Rodgers be 43 or so when this deal is at its end? And, how about this? This has to be the end of Jordan Love‘s time in Green Bay right?

Well, we know he won’t be landing in Denver, Despite the fact that his former offensive coordinator is the Broncos head coach, he just gave up the farm for Russell Wilson, but seeing as how many of us spend our days talking about the Birds and what they’re doing, maybe we should throw in another theory to dissect. Is there even the slightest possibility that Jordan Love trades one green jersey for one of a darker hue?

Let’s start some Eagles and Jordan Love rumors. Why not right?

Yes friends, you know we have to ask the questions. Don’t you think for a second that Howie Roseman and company aren’t doing the same thing?

We’re constantly reminded that every position grouping on the Eagles roster is being evaluated, so if the Birds are doing their due diligence, they have to be inquiring about Love’s services right?

You know how these things work. There’s always a quarterback controversy brewing in Philly even when there shouldn’t be. We’re just getting ahead of the curve. We’re saying it now. Don’t be shocked when the ‘Love to Philly’ rumors get cranked up.

It seems like it’s been forever since The Pack drafted Jordan Love in the first round and ticked off their future Hall of Famer, but it actually wasn’t that long ago. Green Bay took Love five spots after the Eagles drafted Jalen Reagor at 21 during 2020’s NFL Draft. As you know, Philly elected to ignore Justin Jefferson in the process (we had to throw that in there). They also drafted Jalen Hurts 53rd-overall in Round 2.

Much has happened since then, for the Eagles and Packers. Green Bay has proven they don’t believe Love is the future. Rodgers’ new extension proves that, and this could mean Love hits the NFL’s trade block this offseason. The Pittsburgh Steelers and Carolina Panthers could all be interested parties. Maybe Philadelphia will be one as well. Perhaps we should end this by saying one thing though.

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Here’s something everyone should be thinking about. If Nathaniel Hackett didn’t think enough about Jordan Love to send that first-rounder over to Green Bay, that might be all the evidence we need that he may not be viewed as a true franchise quarterback. The Pack doesn’t want him at the helm. Denver seems to feel the same way.

Gosh, Jalen Hurts’ job security improves every day doesn’t it? In two days, we’ve closed the book on those Calvin Ridley rumors and the theories there was an outside shot of the Eagles landing a future Hall of Famer to play quarterback. For now, that’s all from Philly, but keep your eyes peeled. You never know what might happen in the next 24 hours.