Philadelphia Eagles need for making a run at Bobby Wagner is obvious

Bobby Wagner #54, Seattle Seahawks (Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports)
Bobby Wagner #54, Seattle Seahawks (Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports) /

We’ve beaten up on the Philadelphia Eagles for their less-than-enthusiastic attempts to upgrade their linebacker corps for quite some time now, and rightfully so. It seems like we’ve been talking about this revolving door they have at the position since Andy Reid was pacing the sidelines.

Philly was on their 20th head coach at that time, and the more things have changed. The more they have stayed the same.

Since the decision was made to move on from the winningest head coach in franchise history, they’ve had three more (four if you include Pat Shurmur’s one-game tenure in an interim). The Chip Kelly and Doug Pederson eras were short-lived, and now, we’ve moved on to Nick Sirianni. The dedication to bolstering the second level of the defense hasn’t improved any.

We’ve seen them try from time to time. We all love the ‘Ax Man’ Jeremiah Trotter. It stands to reason that Jordan Hicks would have been a stud if we could have trusted him to stay healthy. Nigel Bradham had a nice run. It just wasn’t long enough.

T.J. Edwards is a stud. There’s some reasonable excitement about Davion Taylor’s speed and the possibility of him taking a huge step forward in year three, but with all of that being said, the Philadelphia Eagles have to make a serious run at Bobby Wagner, right? No seriously, this one’s in the ‘no-brainer’ category, correct?

Bobby Wagner upgrades the Philadelphia Eagles LB corps by simply showing up.

The fire sale in the Pacific Northwest continues. Russell Wilson has been traded. The Seattle Seahawks just released Bobby Wagner after ten seasons, and with that second move, every member of the famed Legion of Boom is gone.

Every once in a while, we discuss the fact that the Philadelphia Eagles have never beaten Russ, and unless the Broncos and Eagles end up in the Super Bowl at the same time to face one another, Philly won’t see Wilson again until 2025. We haven’t talked about Bobby Wagner at all, but we can guarantee those discussions will begin now.

We spent all of this time discussing the possibility of Russell Wilson ending up in an Eagles jersey, and it didn’t happen. That’s okay. Philly has a lot of options now that the temptation is off of the table. We’ve discussed the possibility of trading for D.K. Metcalf. That may not happen, and if it doesn’t, it is what it is. We haven’t discussed the possibility of Wagner trading one bird’s nest for another, but in the end, that might turn out to be the move that actually happens.

We’ll tell you this. No one would have any issue if that’s how things would wind up unfolding.

Wagner is a six-time First-team All-Pro (2014, 2016–2020). He’s found his way onto eight consecutive Pro Bowl rosters (2014–2021). An acquisition like this one would be a game-changer for the Philadelphia Eagles defense. It also upgrades an important position that they’ve often ignored Sign us up. We’re on board.

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Wagner, during his Hall-of-Fame career, has seen the Philadelphia Eagles six times. That includes one playoff game. He’s 6-0, and he’s racked up a stat line of 53 tackles with 33 being of the solo variety. Add a sack, three additional quarterback hits, five tackles for a loss, and a pass breakup. It would be nice to finally have him on our side. We’ll see if there’s any interest as we near free agency.