Eagles reportedly ‘all-in’ on Washington cornerback ahead of NFL Draft

Trent McDuffie #22, Washington Huskies (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)
Trent McDuffie #22, Washington Huskies (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images) /

Things are heating up, and we couldn’t be any more excited. Following the news of the Philadelphia Eagles and New Orleans Saints trade, there was a mini shift in the City of Brotherly Love, one that was felt in every other city in which Birds fans reside.

Since the start of the new league year, the Eagles haven’t been getting rave reviews for their offseason, but they most certainly made waves as the first full week of April got underway. Philadelphia’s arrangement with the Saints included eight draft choices and stretches over the next three selection meetings, but the biggest discussions have involved two questions.

One, what do the Eagles do now that they only have two picks in 2022’s NFL Draft? Second, does having the additional first-rounder mean Philadelphia has given themselves insurance just in case it’s determined that Jalen Hurts isn’t the guy?

Perhaps we can borrow some of the most poignant words ever spoken, words uttered by the Joker to Harvey Two-Face… “Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos”. Ladies and gentlemen, the Eagles are agents of chaos, and it appears the plot thickens as we approach the 2022 NFL Draft.

The Philadelphia Eagles reportedly have massive interest in Trent McDuffie.

As the end of April approaches, Philadelphia, now with two draft choices, has even less room for error than they did when they had three first-rounders (and they didn’t have much room for error then). The needs are obvious: wide receiver, outside cornerback, safety, edge rusher, linebacker, interior offensive lineman.

We often harp on the fact that the Eagles never take a linebacker in Round 1. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve noticed that they don’t take cornerbacks either, but don’t be surprised if a cover guy is one of the choices on opening night this year. According to Jordan Schultz, Philly is all-in on Washington Huskies cornerback Trent McDuffie. Take a look.

Perhaps the only lesson Detroit can teach the Eagles. light. Trending

McDuffie is widely regarded as the third-best cornerback in the 2022 NFL Draft class after Ahmad ‘Sauce’ Gardner and Derek Stingley. Other prospects like Daxton Hill, McDuffie’s teammate at the collegiate level (Kyler Gordon), Roger McCreary, Andrew Booth, and Kaiir Elam are getting some buzz as well. Still, despite the fact that the knocks on McDuffie are he has short arms and stands at five-foot-eleven, he’ll be on the Eagles’ minds when they’re on the clock at 15 and 18 if he’s still on everyone’s big board at that time.

You can’t take that check to the bank and cash it if you haven’t already. McDuffie will be a star in the NFL. The question is this. Will he be a star wearing the Eagles’ jersey?