Ranking popular Eagles 1st-round options following trade with Saints

Jermaine Johnson II #11, Florida State Seminoles (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)
Jermaine Johnson II #11, Florida State Seminoles (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images) /
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Devin Lloyd (LB22), Utah (Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports) /

Trent McDuffie, Washington. 4. player. 818. . .

There’s a lot of support for Trent McDuffie and Devin Lloyd among Eagles enthusiasts.

Mention Trent McDuffie‘s name to Eagles fans, and you’ll hear conversations about how talented he is, but you’ll also hear about the fact that he’s five-foot-eleven and has short arms. That’s typically when the conversation drifts towards fear-based discussions like this one.

“The last time the Eagles drafted a cornerback from the Washington Huskies program (Sidney Jones), things didn’t work out”.

Don’t you worry about a thing Birds fans! McDuffie is the real deal.

He’s most certainly a top-five cornerback in the 2022 draft class. Some say he’s top three, and about the discussion about his size, think about this. Avonte Maddox is five-foot-nine. Darius Slay is only an inch taller than McDuffie at six-foot-tall.

Trust us on this one. McDuffie will be fine. You’re worrying for no reason.

. . Devin Lloyd, Utah. 3. player. 843.

If Devin Lloyd played his college ball in the SEC or the Big Ten, fans would be even more stoked about his talent than they already are. There may not be a better all-around linebacker talent in this draft.

Lloyd can cover tight ends, shed blocks, and blitz if need be (and if Jonathan Gannon will let him). If you’re one of those people that keep asking yourselves about how much different life would be if the Eagles took Micah Parsons, then know this.

Comparing Lloyd to Parsons may be unfair. They’re two different types of players, but Devin would be a nice consolation prize for Eagles fans whose sweet tooth are still unsatisfied.