3 steps to ensuring another Eagles playoff run this season

Jalen Hurts #1, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Jalen Hurts #1, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /
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Miles Sanders, Philadelphia Eagles
Miles Sanders #26 of the Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /

Will the Eagles stay healthy enough to make a playoff run?

No team in the NFL can attest to enjoying an injury-free season during any season, not even the one that wins the Super Bow. It’s an unfortunate part of the game, but it’s part of the deal for everyone. Fingers are crossed. If the Birds can weather storms and stay relatively healthy, earning a postseason berth could come easily, and they may be able to make some noise once they get there.

Philadelphia’s offensive line is one of the best in the NFL when healthy. When they aren’t, the boat rocks and it sproings some pretty bad-looking leaks. Goal number one is keeping Jalen Hurts upright. Goal number two is aiding him with a consistent running game. If those two things occur, the sky could be the limit on offense.

We’ve asked the same questions all offseason. One of which is the following. Can Miles Sanders stay healthy for the entire season? Sure, he plays the game’s most punishing position, but he’ll be needed to take unneeded pressure off of Hurts. The Eagles don’t need their QB1 to lead the team in rushing. He has to trust his reads, make better throws, and lean on all of the talent that he has around him because there’s plenty.

As much as everybody loves mobile quarterbacks, there’s always danger lurking when those guys take off. Just look at the pounding that Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray have taken. Hurts has his dynamic duo at wide receiver. He has Dallas Goedert, a talented trio of tailbacks, and a stout offensive line. The hope is this Eagles team stays healthy, especially Number 1.

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As he goes, the offense goes. If the Eagles want to be playing ball late into January, they’ll need to handle their business versus the NFC East, win with defense, and, most importantly, keep their best players on the field to produce.

It doesn’t get much simpler. That’s the roadmap for getting back to the postseason and, hopefully, making a little noise once they do.