Jalen Hurts looks like a superhero ahead of Eagles training camp

Jalen Hurts #1, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Jalen Hurts #1, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

He hasn’t quite reached Duane ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s level yet, but Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts may have a WWE promo or two in him as he’s mastered the art of the catchphrase. How many of you have hit the gym and told yourselves that “rent is due every day” or steered clear of a sports story you’ve come across because you were trying to avoid the “rat poison”?

No one needs to spend time agonizing over whether or not QB1 has the work ethic. Perhaps the better questions revolve around whether or not he’s pushed himself too hard. It’s become increasingly difficult to log into Twitter without seeing him running up a hill or hanging out in a weight room.

Seriously! This guy never takes a day off!

The hard work is paying off. Jalen Hurts is in tip-top physical condition heading into year three.

Say what you want about this Eagles roster. Say what you will about these coaches, but regardless of where those conversations take you, you’ll never be able to say the Birds don’t keep themselves in peak physical condition.

We’ve seen Lane Johnson set the internet ablaze with some workout clips he posted while hanging out with George Kittle. We’ve seen Andre Dillard walk into the phone booth and emerge looking like Superman. QB1 seems to be putting in his application for entry into the Justice League as well.

Check out a recent post from his Instagram story (thank Thomas Petersen for capturing the image and posting it on Twitter).

How’s that for body transformation? Sure, Jalen Hurts will be picked apart for every throw during the coming campaign and attacked on social media if he happens to miss an open receiver, but most of us have made the following statement before, and it appears that it bears repeating.

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No one can question Jalen Hurts’ maturity, that thinker between his ears, or the heart that beats in his chest. This dude is a machine. Here’s to a successful season in 2022. Something tells us that QB1 is fully capable of getting the job done.