Rookie safety Reed Blankenship could challenge for an Eagles roster spot

Reed Blankenship, Philadelphia Eagles (Credit: Getty Images)
Reed Blankenship, Philadelphia Eagles (Credit: Getty Images) /

Having already had an impressive training camp showing, Reed Blankenship is someone that could find himself in the discussion once the Philadelphia Eagles begin piecing the back half of their 53-man roster together. Truthfully, he’d already be a tough cut if a decision had to be made a day from now.

Every year, we ask questions about whether or not any of the undrafted rookies have a realistic shot at making the team. Often, we’ve seen guys answer the call, Corey Clement, T.J. Edwards, and Greg Ward for instance.

Entering 2022’s camp, Britain Covey had his share of supporters, and once he got settled in, it’s been easy to see why that’s the case. A strong showing during the preseason will only add to his growing fan club and improve his argument for a roster spot. Reed Blankenship has been his defensive equivalent.

With the question marks that have surrounded Philly’s safety position all offseason and with there only being seven on the preseason depth chart, the former Middle Tennessee State star could have one of the easier paths to making the team than his fellow rookie undrafted free agents.

Don’t count him out yet. He’ll have plenty of opportunities to make an impression during the next three weeks.

How realistic are Reed Blankenship’s chances of making the Eagles roster?

Every discussion about the Eagles’ safeties leads us back to familiar discussions. Where is Jaquiski Tartt? How did people ever doubt Marcus Epps? Is it just us, or is Andre Chachere all of a sudden one of the better playmakers that this team has?

Blankenship’s path to employment won’t be easy, and we shouldn’t disrespect any of the Eagles’ other prospects at the position by insinuating that it will be.  Perhaps we should ask ourselves another question though. Do the Eagles keep four safeties or five?

We’ve seen them hang on to five before, typically utilizing one as a special teams ace (think Rudy Ford or Chris Maragos); however, on a depth chart that houses seven safeties, Blakenship might be the low man on the totem pole. You also have to consider that the Birds may keep extra players at other positions, possibly defensive tackle or linebacker, because it will be a tough ask to move on from someone like Shaun Bradley or Marlon Tuipulotu.

Sure, Blankenship has made plays. He’s also been in with the third-team defense while he’s done so. That’s important to note, and then there’s this.

Anthony Harris, though he’s been one of camp’s bigger disappointments, is a shoo-in to make the roster as is Marcus Epps. That’s probably also true for Jaquiski Tartt.

That means Reed is likely in a battle with Chachere, K’Von Wallace, and Jared Mayden for the fourth spot. The competition will be fierce.

The good news is this. Nothing is impossible. We’ll see how many snaps he’s given during the preseason, but if he continues his current upswing that he’s on during preseason’s slate of games, Blankenship could be a talking point.

Nothing is guaranteed. Nothing is set in stone either. Keep an eye on Number 46 going forward. You might find out that you’re reasonably impressed by what you’ve been seeing.