Former Eagles QB Michael Vick believes Jalen Hurts will thrive in 2022

Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports)
Michael Vick, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports) /

Perhaps you’ve heard. Heading into his third NFL season, there’s a spotlight on Philadelphia Eagles starting quarterback Jalen Hurts. No one is interested in seeing him fail, but everyone has their opinions on whether or not he will.

Fans are split. The same can be said about media members, but more often than not, the consensus from players and coaches has been that, if the Eagles are willing to be patient, Hurts will likely see success.

Former NFL star and Birds signal-caller Michael Vick has long been one of Jalen’s supporters, and recently, he offered another favorable review.

Michael Vick hangs out with The 33rd Team and discusses Eagles QB Jalen Hurts.

Shortly after the Eagles’ second preseason game, NFL Network will continue its Top 100 Players of 2022 countdown. As is the case every season, there’s been some controversy over how the list has unfolded.

Some dismiss these types of things as, let’s face it, they can often become popularity contests, but this is a list comprised of players’ votes. That adds a little intrigue and has to count for something.

We won’t call anyone out, but many of the same people who make statements suggesting someone’s opinion doesn’t matter because ‘they’ve never played the game’ are the same people saying the Top 100 Players List is a bogus list because it’s comprised of players’ votes. You can’t have it both ways.

Here’s how we see things. One’s opinion is only as valuable as their knowledge of a particular subject. Michael Vick never won a Super Bowl, but we can trust his opinion on quarterback play correct? He believes Jalen Hurts will thrive during the 2022-2023 NFL season because even though there’s pressure, QB1 thrives in its existence. Here’s some of his take from a recent conversation with The 33rd Team. Check out their YouTube channel when you have a moment.

Sometimes, we forget this, but Halen Hurts’ next regular-season start will be his 20th. He’s barely gotten his feet wet. No one knows how the next 17 games will play out, but here’s what we do know. We live in a microwave society, and everyone wants everything right now.

The immediate success seen by players like Patrick Mahomes, Justin Herbert, and Joe Burrow confuses people sometimes. If one isn’t careful, they’ll believe everyone should be able to enjoy the lightning-quick career starts of those three. More often than not, that won’t be the case.

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Hurts has some ability. He can be a successful quarterback if given time. The questions are about how patient the Eagles are willing to be.

Knowing that brings us back to a familiar conversation. The Philadelphia Eagles need to see him grow by leaps and bounds in his second full season as the starer.