Tailgating recipes to aid the Eagles game day experience

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Put the kids to bed. We’re going to talk about drinks.

Well, we have to have something to wash this delicious food down with, right? We discovered a few of these recently.

Kiwi Lemonade

Lemonade always works. Here’s a nice non-alcoholic find! Thank Kiwanna’s Kitchen for the visual, and check out her YouTube channel.

Irish Eyes Cocktails

We discovered Irish Eyes Cocktails while hanging out with some Eagles fans in Green Bay Wisconsin. Yes friends, Birds fans are everywhere, but we have to tip the cap for this one because they cooked up a drink that was green. Check this one out.


  • One ounce of Irish Whiskey (brand doesn’t matter)
  • One-fourth ounces of Creme de menthe
  • One-fourth ounces of Irish Cream
  • Two ounces of cream (if you choose)

Preparation: All you need for this one is a good cocktail shaker and some ice cubes. We’ve also been told that, if you have a blender handy, this transitions to a chilled smoothie quite nicely.

If you aren’t using the blender, add the whiskey, the Irish cream, and the other ingredients into your cocktail shaker. Shake until you’ve achieved the desired temperature, and then, strain the finished product into a drinking glass.

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We’ve had a little fun here, but in all seriousness, we encourage everyone to drink responsibly, and if you’ve had too much or feel any hint of inebriation, please do us all a favor and call an Uber or Lyft. We want everyone to get home safely!