Eagles news: Philadelphia fans gear up, players ponder some double-duty

Jordan Mailata #68, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images)
Jordan Mailata #68, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images) /

Ask around, and you’ll find out that Philadelphia Eagles fans are split. That isn’t really news though. That happens often.

This time around, half of the fan base believes that a New York Giants upset of the Minnesota Vikings during the NFL’s Wild Card Round was the best-case scenario. That set up a meeting between the brings the Birds and the sixth-seeded G-Men.

Those in favor believe that’s the Divisional Round matchup that favored Philly the most. Still, as mentioned, there are others that disagree.

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Often, it is said that it’s difficult to beat a divisional rival three times during a singular season. That’s what Philly is attempting to accomplish on Saturday night. Some are worried.

They see a Giants team that’s better than the squad they saw in Week 14 and Week 18, but whether you agree with those fans that are confident or the contingent that has expressed worry, here’s where we can all agree.

We’re pumped. The adrenaline is flowing. Thank CBS 3’s YouTube channel for the clip.

How about that guy at the end? He was wrong, but he’s loyal. You can’t ask for more than that!

Even more Eagles news: Position switches? Say what?

Okay, everyone calm down. The Birds took an opportunity during the bye week to have some fun.

Their social media team is the best in the NFL. They often have fun with the guys, and recently they posed a question. What position would you play if you can play another?

Jordan Mailata got the fun going. He’s moving from left tackle to the opposite side of the ball to play the nose. Things only got more interesting from there.

We’ve heard it all, but we’ve also heard Darius Slay make statements about playing on offense before. Let’s hope the Eagles coaching staff keeps those ideas in the back of their minds and on the back of the play sheet until next season though!

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