NFL Twitter lost its mind over DeVonta Smith’s playoff pregame outfit

DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Chris Pedota-USA TODAY Sports)
DeVonta Smith, Philadelphia Eagles (Mandatory Credit: Chris Pedota-USA TODAY Sports) /

There’s ‘fashion sense’. Then, there are the guys who are seemingly capable of breaking the internet anytime. A quick glance around Lincoln Financial Field will treat professional people watchers to midnight and kelly green, Philadelphia Eagles jerseys both current and of the throwback variety, and guys who are dressed like Batman and Gardner Minshew. Perhaps we should take our cues from DeVonta Smith.

Skinny Batman’s threads are always must-see television. The owner of the franchise’s record for single-season receptions by a wide receiver never disappoints both on the field and off. The Divisional Round brought more fireworks.

Take a look. As you’re probably aware, this one facilitated a discussion. We won’t post a ton of the comments. This is a family show.

Yessir and yes ma’am. That follows every rule we’ve been taught to follow when discussing one’s attention to their attire. Dress for success… Dress for the job you want instead of the one you already have… Oh, and how about this one?

Big-time players make big-time plays in big games. It doesn’t get any more ‘primetime’ than this. If Nomber 6 can bring this level of swag to the field of play versus the New York Giants, Philly will win by 100 points or more.

Twitter hands out its standing ovation for DeVonta Smith’s pregame outfit.

Twitter can be a bit much at times and a breeding ground for negativity. It can also provide advantages. We can keep up with family members and get immediate feedback about MVP-level performances.

We’re of the opinion that DeVinta’s stylist deserves a trophy. Here are a few other reactions.

During his first-ever postseason game, DeVonta hauled in four receptions for 60 yards, and he contributed to the scoreboard by being on the receiving end of a two-point conversion attempt.

Tonight, we’re calling for ten snags, 150 yards receiving, and maybe a couple of touchdowns. A man can’t deliver the goods like this during the pregame and not deliver wit the lights on.

Again the Eagles win this one by 100 points. That’s officially our bold prediction.