Jason Kelce woke up to his daughter singing the Eagles fight song (Video)

Jason Kelce #62, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)
Jason Kelce #62, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images) /

As parents, styles vary. It’s also learned quickly that raising children is a task that must be accomplished without a playbook. All that can be done is one’s best. All we can hope for is that our little ones remember what we attempted to teach them when they take the world on for themselves. We don’t get to hang out with Philadelphia Eagles legend Jason Kelce and his beautiful wife Kylie daily. Still, from the outside looking in, it appears they are setting their daughters up for success.

Jason and Kelce welcomed their firstborn, Wyatt Elizabeth, to their family in 2019. Kylie gave birth to their second child, Elliotte Ray, back in 2021. Following Philly’s Divisional Round thrashing of the New York Giants, Jason celebrated as you’d expect a 35-year-old veteran to do so, by going to bed early. He woke up to beautiful music. He can thank Wyatt for that.

Take a look! This ought to put a smile on your face!

Jason Kelce’s family is gearing up for a possible Super Bowl appearance and, maybe, a Grammy one day.

Beating the hated New York Giants by a 31-point margin is cause to celebrate. Seeing one’s daughter wake up happy is an even better feeling. When Jason Kelce’s playing days are over, he’ll never have to buy a beer or a meal in Philly again, but as far as short-term goals go, it’s all about winning a Super Bowl on the field and continued family success off of it.

It appears that he’s off to a great start in both respects.

Two wins will award the Eagles their second Vince Lombardi Trophy in franchise history. Once that happens (hopefully), he might even score a Grammy. If you haven’t noticed, A Philly Special Christmas has done well in the Billboard rankings.

If February fails to deliver that Grammy, it appears the Kelce family has reinforcements. Wyatt has a nice voice, and we’d love to hear an album in 16 years or so.

Game balls following the Divisional Round. light. Hot