Reasons for optimism following Eagles heartbreaking Super Bowl loss

Jalen Hurts #1, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Jalen Hurts #1, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

If it’s hard to find words, don’t beat yourself up too badly. We’re all feeling it. It’s almost as if we’re in mourning in some way. The line that separates wins and losses in the NFL is thin. The line that separates how the 2022-2023 Philadelphia Eagles could have been remembered and how they WILL be remembered is even thinner.

We have seen fans cry and spoken to teachers that have allowed their students some time to process the heartache. We won’t lie to you or insult your intelligence by stating you’ll forget about what you witnessed in Super Bowl LVII. The truth is you probably won’t. Ten years from now, we’ll still remember this as one of the most disappointing losses in Philly sports history, but here’s the silver lining for that dark cloud. You aren’t alone in your pain. You have tons of support.

Eagles Nation consists of fans that come from all walks of life. This family is multiracial. It’s home to people of every lifestyle, economic standing, and religion, but what bonds us is our love for a football team and the knowledge that we have been down before and have picked ourselves up from the canvas every time that it has happened.

WE WILL DO SO AGAIN. Weeping endured. The morning may have felt worse, but the Eagles always rise again. You’ll see. This time will be no different.

Here are a few silver linings for those dark clouds following the Eagles’ heartbreaking Super Bowl loss.

At the time this story was published, it hasn’t even been 48 hours since the confetti fell to close Super Bowl LVII and the Eagles’ heartbreaking loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. In a flash, a team that we thought would be forever viewed as Philly’s greatest team has now ventured into the realm of being the most disappointing, but rest assured the sun will rise again. Every Birds fan knows that.

We’ve been here before, and we made it. We’ll endure this time as well.

Though Super Bowl LVII didn’t provide us with a happy ending, the Eagles remain one of the NFL’s most storied franchises. Every story provides ups and downs, and since 1933, each setback has led to better days.

We weren’t beaten by the losses to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the Carolina Panthers, and even though the Birds lost to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXXIX, they eventually got their revenge (Super Bowl LII). No one embodies the spirit of their city more than the Eagles. The City of Brotherly Love is home to hard-working blue-collar professionals who never stop fighting. Your team is built the same way. Trust us. This isn’t over.

Jalen Hurts is your quarterback!

It’s long been said that, if a team can’t figure out its quarterback position, it’s in trouble. It has also been said that teams with franchise quarterbacks are in the hunt every season. Ladies and gentlemen, Jalen Hurts just went toe to toe with Patrick Mahomes and silenced his doubters once and for all. Your Eagles have found their quarterback, and get this. He’s only going to get better.

Howie Roseman is your general manager, and Jeffrey Luirie is your owner.

There isn’t a better general manager in the NFL than Howie Roseman. Jeffrey Lurie, year after year, is one of the game’s most respected owners. They didn’t earn their reputations erroneously.

No one stacks draft picks better than Howie. No one manages the cap quite like he does. We’ve now seen him build TWO Super Bowl rosters. Trust us on this one. No one wanted a second Vince Lombardi Trophy more than Jeffrey Lurie and Howie, and they will work tirelessly to get Philly back to the big game.

Philly is a destination city for free agents.

When free agency nears, guys are typically looking for one of two things, if not both. They want to get paid. They want to win. Ladies and gents, Philly is a destination city for free agents. Guys WANT to play with Jalen. Remember, that’s a huge reason why A.J. Brown is here.

The Eagles have two first-round draft choices.

It’s a comforting feeling to know that the Eagles qualified for a Super Bowl and still have two first-round draft choices. How they will be spent is anyone’s guess. One is a top-ten choice which means two things.

The Eagles can land a top-ten prospect this April. They can even package the other pick to land a game-changer in the game right now. Options are endless. The debate will rage, but here’s what we can state. This offseason is going to be fun.

A potential Jalen Hurts contract extension won’t hamper the franchise as badly as some are stating.

One of the statements made often is the fact that Philly benefited by having Jalen on a rookie deal. While that’s true, it doesn’t tell the whole story.

Teams pay quarterbacks often as you have probably noticed, and contrary to popular opinion, that doesn’t keep teams from adding talent any more than dead-cap money does. Think of all of those teams carrying contracts belonging to guys who are no longer on the roster.

Let’s just say Jalen gets his extension (which he will). You have to remember that he’ll be playing on his rookie deal for another season and the first year of his extension will carry a lower number. The cap will also increase next year and, more than likely, in years to come.

All that’s been said to state this. The Birds will remain competitive. You can bank on that (pun intended). If they maintain course and steer clear of bad contracts (Howie seems to have learned his lesson there), this team is going to continue piecing good rosters together.

Take all the time you need to move on from this Eagles Nation, but don’t stay down too long. Everything is going to be okay.

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