Eagles news: Mahomes joins Twitter beef, Chiefs fans support Jason Kelce’s fund

Travis Kelce #87, Kansas City Chiefs, Jason Kelce #62, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Travis Kelce #87, Kansas City Chiefs, Jason Kelce #62, Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) /

How did we get here? Suddenly the NFL has turned into reality television. Guys are bickering back and forth on Twitter. Disgruntled players air out their grievances on podcasts instead of on the field. The Philadelphia Eagles, whether they win or lose, seemingly can’t get a break from previous opponents. The only thing that’s missing is catfights and drinks being thrown in people’s faces. Even Patrick Mahomes, someone who usually steers clear of the madness has joined the back and forth.

By now you’ve heard the story. JuJu Smith-Schuster trolled James Bradberry on Twitter. As you might expect, the Eagles and their fans responded, as did fans of the Chiefs. A.J. Brown fanned the flames with a venomous response.

Here’s his take.

"First off congratulations. Y’all deserve it. This is lame. You was on the way out the league before Mahomes resurrected your career on your 1-year deal Tik-Tok boy. (James Bradberry) admitted that he grabbed you but don’t act like (you’re like that or ever was. But congratulations again!"

Bradberry would respond with a tweet of his own, one reminding everyone that he was named a Second-Team All-Pro.

Mahomes would respond in a subtweet of his own. “This man must just be bored”. We’re going to assume that was in reference to the A.J. Brown tweet, but at this point, who cares.

We’ll tell you this. We’re bored with the nonsense. Cane we all move along and get along?

More Eagles news: Chiefs fans donate to Jason Kelce’s charity.

We could all use a little positivity right now, so let’s end this on a high note. Fortunately, all of the energy between the varying Eagles and Chiefs demographics hasn’t been negative. The many members of Chiefs Kingdom have shown their support of Jason Kelce’s charity, the Be Philly Foundation.

According to the Kansas City Star, since the close of the Super Bowl, more than $80,000 for Jason’s charity. Many of them have contributed $14.90, a combination of both Jason and Travis Kelce’s jersey numbers ($6.20 for Jason/$8.70 for Travis).

Now, this is more like it! Why can’t we do more of this? We’ll take these types of stories over Twitter feuds and TikTok stories any day, but just to be petty for a few, we have a tweet of our own.


There, now it’s out of our system. With that, we put this to bed forever.