Eagles legend Jason Kelce, ESPN analyst Dan Orlovsky agree on this

Jason Kelce #62 Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Jason Kelce #62 Philadelphia Eagles (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

One of the things that makes the time we live in so interesting is there are no shortages of avenues to how quickly we can retrieve and access information. We can’t tell you how often we talk to Generation X and Millennials and they tell us that they would have loved to have had the internet and Instagram when they were children. It sure beats going to the library and printing flyers. It also allows us to keep up with the Philadelphia Eagles and what guys like Jason Kelce are doing.

These days, sports coverage walks a thin line that separates ‘wide-spread’ and ‘oversaturation’. If you have enough devices handy, you can juggle sports radio, ESPN, NFL Network, and FS1, but it can get to be a bit much to keep up with as well. We can, however, recommend both ESPN’s NFL Live and Jason and Travis Kelce’s New Heights podcast. Both are must-see entertainment.

Here’s an interesting nugget. Recently, without even speaking with one another beforehand, Jason Kelce and ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky found some common ground on something.

Dan Orlovsky and Jason Kelce agree on what Super Bowl LVII’s defining moment was.

During his and Travis Kelce’s most recent New Heights podcast, we saw the full gamut of emotions. Jason and Travis shared a few laughs. Jason was also transparent emotionally. Still, it was one of Jason’s takes that really served as one of the talking points.

He shared his theory on what the defining moment of the game was for him, a theory that, again, it appears that Dan Orlovsky agrees with.

"This was the biggest play of the game for me, and it’s frustrating because I was a big part of it. We go three and out, and you know, you can’t do that… Short-yardage situation. (We) call a play-action. Steve Spanguolo dials up a zero blitz saw. Typical pressure in that situation, 6-1 defense. In hindsight, wish I would’ve called out. This is the one that keeps living rent-free in my head because I had control of this, and it could’ve been easily handled with just simply having the tackle go out on the backer. I elected to keep it inside, and the backer went unblocked."

Jason continued his thought:

"It was truly frustrating, because if we go out there I think we convert that, and that’s a big play that I’m kind thinking about over and over again. Turn the ball over essentially, punt it, and you guys have an amazing punt return setting you up on the five-yard line."

The Kansas City Chiefs scored a touchdown just three plays after that punt return. The extra point put them up by eight points in the fourth quarter. Here’s Orlvsky’s take on that same play that Jason is discussing.

Games rarely come down to one play. Super Bowl LVII most certainly didn’t. We imagine that it would be tough, but our hope is that Jason Kelce doesn’t let this one haunt him for very long. After all, he’s a huge reason why the Eagles qualified anyway, but we get where he’s coming from.

Watching the Chiefs host a parade has us all thinking about what could have been. For now, we seek solace in the 76ers and, hopefully, the Phillies. It will be a long time before we see the Birds in uniform again.

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