According to Twitter, the Eagles are taking five players with that No. 10 pick

Nolan Smith (Photo by Todd Rosenberg/Getty Images)
Nolan Smith (Photo by Todd Rosenberg/Getty Images) /

Okay, let’s do some inventory. The NFL Draft is hours away. The Philadelphia Eagles enter pro football’s 88th annual selection meeting with six picks (for now), and from what we understand, if they don’t take Bijan Robinson at the tenth-overall selection, they could trade up or down, depending on how they’re feeling at the moment and/or take one of maybe a handful of players.

Taking an offensive lineman is an option. So is taking an edge rusher or an interior defensive lineman. They were rumored to be in play for Jackson Smith Njigba, but who knows? That could have been floated out there to convince someone to make an effort to offer a trade package and, maybe, some additional draft capital.

We doubt they’d take a linebacker or defensive back that early. Do they ever? To make long stories shorter, no one truly knows any more about what they plan to do than we knew at about this same time last week, but that won’t stop us from guessing, will it?

According to Eagles’ Twitter, depending on when you log in, somewhere between five and nine players are going to be taken with that tenth pick.

Take a poll among Eagles fans about what they want Philly to do or about what they seem to be expecting, and you’ll learn something almost immediately. The answers will wind up placing this team’s draft strategy all over the place.

There’s the ‘Bijan or Bust’ tribe. There’s the Peter Skoronski fan club. We have even heard it mentioned that they’ll trade up for Will Anderson or Jalen Carter if necessary. It appears that they’ll even be happy with Nolan Smith if he was available to them at ten.

Ladies and gentlemen, Twitter is a madhouse. Well-known Eagles voices and insiders have chosen their alliances.

Do you need any aspirin yet?

While we’re tossing theories around, here’s another. CBS Sports’ Jeff Kerr hung out with our buddies Jody McDonald and John McMullen on JAKIB Sports’ Birds 365 broadcast on draft day. He, like so many others, thinks trading down is an option.

Aaah! So, this is what overload feels like. Heaven help us all. Trust us on this one though. We’ll all feel better when the first night is over.

While we love this time of year and while the NFL Draft has this way of forcing us to hit the pause or reset button and put everything else we are doing on the back burner, we’re over the mock drafts and speculation at this point. 8:00 p.m. EST on Thursday, April 27th simply can’t get here fast enough!