2 Reasonable expectations, one bold prediction for Eagles QB Jalen Hurts during the 2023 NFL season

After nearly being named the NFL'sMVP last season, Jalen Hurts will take another step forward by accomplishing three things for the Eagles in 2023.
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles
Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages
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Eagles star Jalen Hurts exceeded expectations in 2022 and will solidify his place as a top-three NFL quarterback in 2023.

Waiting for the Philadelphia Eagles' season to arrive is like waiting in line to ride the most anxiety-inducing roller coaster in the country. It takes forever for your opportunity and once you conquer the peaks and valleys, it's easy to ask yourself why you signed up for this level of stress. Alas, it's almost time to buckle up, get set for the excitement that makes the faint of heart bow out, and watch Jalen Hurts lead the Birds into battle again. Those who are worried about the notion of football trauma may want to consider the Lifetime channel as a more suitable alternative.

This time of year is always exciting because, honestly, nothing has happened yet. That makes the possibilities endless. When you have a quarterback like Jalen Hurts, everything imagined becomes attainable, provided he continues his upward trajectory. The Philadelphia Eagles are betting he will.

There is no logical reason to assume Hurts' path will change based on his continuous yearly improvement going back to his college days in Alabama and Oklahoma. After an MVP-caliber season last year, he'll be looking to make another jump this time around. Here are a few reasonable expectations for the coming campaign.