20 former Eagles who are still having a hard time finding jobs this offseason

Familiar faces are having (and may continue to have) difficult times finding new homes. Here's what's going on with 20 former Eagles we thought about recently.
Andre Dillard, Philadelphia Eagles free agency news
Andre Dillard, Philadelphia Eagles free agency news / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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The only constant in the NFL is the knowledge that things will change. Perhaps the only thing that is more constant is the guarantee that our staff will remind you of that statement's accuracy. While the NFL and NBA are different games (and the NBA is more popular globally), there's one thing football got right that basketball didn't. Professional basketball shoves its players i.e. stars down our throats, and when they leave teams, so do the fans. Pro football works differently. The names on the front of the jersey are more important, so regardless who comes and goes, we remain Philadelphia Eagles fans.

That isn't to say we don't fall in love with players and coaches. We cheer for them while they're in Philly. We continue to monitor their success and/or failures when they leave. Depending on where they land, we cheer for them or against them.

Here we are enjoying another free-agency frenzy, and another season of change has come. This notoriously nomadic profession has forced some familiar faces to fill out change-of-address forms, though incompletely. Where might they land? Will they have issues with finding employment? We're cheering for them, but we don't know the answer.

Jack Driscoll appears to be set to join the Miami Dolphins, so that being said, here's a look at 20 former Eagles who at the time of this story's release, have yet to sign deals with new teams. There are more than we will mention below, but here are 20 former Birds that have yet to put pen to paper and sign deals with new teams in new cities. We're hoping their NFL careers continue, and we hope they don't land in Dallas, Washington, or New York.

Andre Dillard, offensive tackle

If you didn't have this former first-round selection in the 'bust' category already, you have certainly done so now. After signing a three-year, $29 million contract with the Tennessee Titans on March 20th, 2023, Andre Dillard has been released after a single season.

Where will he land? Will he land somewhere anytime soon? Write his name down and the other members of the following list.