3 Eagles who need to be seated at the kids table for Thanksgiving Day dinner

Thanksgiving dinner can sometimes mean a few family members are deserving of seats at the kid's table,

Derek Barnett
Derek Barnett / Mitchell Leff/GettyImages

It's Thanksgiving week and the Philadelphia Eagles have given their fans much to be thankful for. The Birds continued to pad their resume by adding the Kansas City Chiefs to their list of conquered titans. Wins in Arrowhead Stadium are as rare as a purple-spotted unicorn, so regardless of how the game unfolded, the win was an impressive one. Now, members of the Bird Gang all over the country can enjoy a happy holiday with their loved ones.

Thanksgiving brings families and friends together. Sometimes, that can be stressful. We all have relatives that we wish we could disinvite.

There are those cousins, uncles, and aunts you want to stay away from for different reasons. If only we could nudge them toward the kid's table. What if we could do the same to some of our Birds?

It's Turkey Time. There are some Eagles who should take up residency at the mini-table in the corner with the sporks and paper plates. Here are three of about ten who qualify.

Kenneth Gainwell

Kenneth Gainwell has had single-digit carries since Week 2 of the season. He has averaged a demonstrative 3.2 yards per carry in the process.

He saw his lowest carry total of the season on Monday Night Football. He only toted the rock once versus the Kansas City Chiefs.

Boston Scott carried the pigskin twice and averaged four yards per carry. Stay tuned. It seems like Gainwell is losing some of the favor he once had with the coaching staff. The only question now is, will we ever see Rashaad Penny?

Derek Barnett

Derek Barnett was a healthy scratch in Week 11 for personal reasons. First things first. We hope everything is okay, but if we're discussing his on-field resume, he hasn't even played up to the already low bar that he has set for himself.

Nolan Smith has more tackles, and he has played fewer snaps. Smith has also registered a sack. Barnett has yet to do so.

As far as our Thanksgiving setup goes, D.B. is definitely sitting at the kids' table. He may have a plate, but he gets no dessert.

Quez Watkins

Quez Watkins is the kid in the grocery store who wandered away from his parents in a crowd. Nobody has seen him.

So far in 2023's campaign, he has hauled in four catches for 21 yards. More than half of the regular season is behind us. We won't even get into his history of coming up small in big moments.

That isn't the type of production we'd expect from someone wearing the 'Fast Batman' moniker. When the mask was pulled away last season like a Scooby Doo cartoon, Quez wasn't a caped crusader at all. He was Jack Nicholson's version of The Joker.

No sweet potatoes for you, Mr. Watkins. Grab yourself a spork and a paper plate. Make sure you're seated at that kid's table!.

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