5 players Philadelphia Eagles fans won't miss in 2024 if they don't return

  • Change is the only constant with our Eagles.
  • Much will change for Philly next season, their roster included.
  • Many of the casualties won't be missed.
Justin Evans, Philadelphia Eagles
Justin Evans, Philadelphia Eagles / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Another year passes. We watched 17 regular-season games over 18 weeks. Some of the questions are the same as we asked last offseason. Who might the Philadelphia Eagles hire as their offensive and defensive coordinator? Where's the depth at wide receiver? We aren't really going to attack another NFL season with two starting outside cornerbacks that are that old, are we?

Yes friends, it's time to begin discussing roster reconstruction. We still aren't sold on the linebackers or safeties. The Birds have nothing at tight end once you look past Dallas Goedert.

The NFL's only constant is change. You'll have to get to know some new Eagles next season as Philly will move on from guys. Some won't be missed.

Justin Evans, safety

Typically, when Justin Evans' name has been mentioned in conversation, it hasn't been because we're raving about his game. During the preseason, we were asking if he'd even make the team. He landed on the injured reserve in October.

A few months later, Sydney Brown has emerged. With Kevin Byard and Reed Blankenship under contract next season, Evans' exit seems a bit more likely.

'Out of sight and out of mind' is how we'd describe his tenure. He isn't, however, the only Eagle who won't be missed if Philly moves on. He's due to be a free agent in March. But, so are the other guys on our list.