6 Philadelphia Eagles who could see increased roles in 2024

Some of the young Eagles are going to have to step up in 2024. Fingers are crossed.

Tyler Steen, Philadelphia Eagles
Tyler Steen, Philadelphia Eagles / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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We've seen both good and bad times as Philadelphia Eagles fans. Heck, we've seen good and bad times during the past two coaching eras. Doug Pederson and Nick Sirianni have both led the Birds to a Super Bowl appearance. Dougie P's staff took care of business, and... well... we know how things turned out in Super Bowl LVII.

As great as both coaches were, there's one area we can point to as an area of concern with both regimes. Both of their staffs relied too heavily on free-agent acquisitions and failed to coach up some of the diamonds in the rough that were on their respective rosters.

If the Eagles are going to establish themselves as one of the consistent and model franchises, they need these young guys to step up. They need to hit on their draft choices and get their coaches to coach them up.

They have some obvious building blocks. Our fingers are crossed. Here are a half-dozen that we feel are up to the task.

Tyler Steen, right guard?

Tyler Steen's lone start in 2023 came versus one of Philly's fiercest rivals, the Dallas Cowboys. He held serve. He even pounced on a fumble that could have led to disaster if he hadn't.

If Jason Kelce retires, which is possible, and if Cam Jurgens replaces him as Philly's center (also possible), there's a chance that Steen can win the job at right guard.

Friends... No one should worry if that's how things work out. Keep an eye on this young man. Keep an eye on the other guys on this list as well.