6 Philadelphia Eagles who could see increased roles in 2024

Some of the young Eagles are going to have to step up in 2024. Fingers are crossed.

Tyler Steen, Philadelphia Eagles
Tyler Steen, Philadelphia Eagles / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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Britain Covey, punt returner/wide receiver

A crash-test dummy no more. Britain Covey has done a good job of learning the subtle nuances of being a punt returner in the NFL (and how to find open lanes to help him avoid taking those violent shots). Thank goodness! Some of those collisions made our souls shake.

Here's the thing. Covey has gotten so good at operating in open space that some might wonder why he hasn't earned more opportunities as a wide receiver. Heaven knows the Eagles need one.

Six targets this past season resulted in four receptions, two first downs, and a 10.5 yards-per-reception average. He hasn't been utilized in the passing game much, but that could change under Kellen Moore.

Nolan Smith, EDGE/linebacker

Say what you will about Nolan Smith. Yeah, there are serious concerns about his shoulder. Sure, we expected more from a first-rounder, but Philly, at times, could slide by treating him like a five-star redshirt freshman.

Well, those days are over. The Birds had no clue about how to get to the opposing quarterback and how to get him down during that ugly collapse last season. They need help along the EDGE. They hope Mr. Smith can provide them with some.

Philly doesn't just hope Nolan Smith's selection works out. It HAS to work out. His defensive snaps increased toward the end of last season. He'll play a lot more in year two as well. Unlike some of you, we believe he'll be fine.