6 players the Philadelphia Eagles gave up on way too soon

Jordan Poyer, Philadelphia Eagles
Jordan Poyer, Philadelphia Eagles / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages
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If only life had given the Philadelphia Eagles a reset button.

Hindsight... It's a gift we're all given, one that often tells us so much more than its distant cousin on the other end of the spectrum, foresight. Hindsight is seen in 20-20 vision. Foresight can be cloudy. Hindsight serves as confirmation of past decisions that were made. Foresight is used to help make the best decision. What in the world does that have to do with the Philadelphia Eagles? Buckle up! We're glad you asked.

Every offseason involves turnover, scouting, and an NFL Draft. Evaluation is important. So is having the skill to dissect prospects. Heck, if we're being honest, a little luck is necessary as well.

During Howie Roseman's tenure as general manager, we have seen late-round draft choices become stars (Jordan Mailata). We have also been disappointed by early-round draft choices that we expected so much more (Andre Dillard). We have even seen undrafted guys produce on football's biggest stage (Corey Clement).

Occasionally, we also think about former Birds who are on other teams. Why is Mack Hollins so much better for the Las Vegas Raiders than he was for Philadelphia? Oh well. Such is life. Mack won't make this list of former Eagles that this team may have given up on too early, but you can best believe that the half-dozen guys we did mention most certainly deserve to be on the list.